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10 Factors you Must Consider Before Buying Cycle for Children

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When it comes to buying cycles for children, parents around the world remain extra conscious. Their primary motive is to provide their kids with the best that they can afford. However, pricing is not the only criterion that tops the list. You must consider numerous other factors to make their first ride comfortable and enjoyable. This blog explains the top ten aspects of selecting the best bicycle for your child.

  • Proper Size

As compared to adult bicycles, kid’s bicycles come in extensive sizes. Therefore, before selecting a bike for your child, determine their age and height. Sometimes parents go for a large bicycle as they think their kids will grow to accommodate that size. However, doing this can be dangerous because they may experience accidental falls, which may result in serious injury.

  • Strong Frame

When kids start cycling, they crash multiple times. Therefore, it is necessary that the frame of their bicycle must be strong enough to sustain such accidents. In addition, the frames must be rust resistant because kids generally don’t have proper knowledge of keeping their bicycles safe from environmental damage.

  • Safety Attributes

When kids first learn to ride their bicycles, they generally aim for a high speed. To prevent any accident, breaks must function properly. Moreover, they need to be designed for children below the age of 10 years. Another crucial feature you must consider is the chain guard. A properly covered chain prevents the shoelace or cloth from entangling during the ride.

To avoid skin allergies, you must collect information that the paint used on the bicycle is non-toxic. Although most renowned manufacturers use skin-friendly paints, it is always better to get information for assurance.

  • Bicycle Weight

Children can conveniently handle and ride lightweight bicycles. According to the general thumb rule, a bicycle must be 25-40% of the child’s body weight. If you go higher than this range in proportion to your child’s weight, it might become tough for them to ride or move it conveniently.

  • Suspension Check

Suspension is not necessary for children’s bicycles because it can make the ride more challenging for them. However, if your child is into mountain riding, it is crucial that you buy a bicycle with full suspension. This is crucial because it facilitates riding on slopes.

  • Tyre Size

Since most kids’ bicycles lack suspensions, it is crucial to choose wide tyres to offer cushioning. Apart from offering comfort, these tyres also add extra grip to prevent slippage of the tyres during a ride.

  • Comfortable Touch Points

Apart from safety, the comfort offered by a bicycle is crucial for parents. To ensure this, you must look for a properly cushioned saddle, rubber-based handles and a sturdy pedal. These areas must be checked carefully because they make a child’s ride enjoyable.

  • Training Wheels

If your child is going to try the cycle ride for the very first time, it is necessary to install training wheels. They provide great stability throughout their learning phase. Moreover, it assures them safety from accidents. Therefore, if your child is frightened to ride a bicycle, training wheels can be your lifesaver. Further, when they learn to balance their bicycle perfectly, you can easily detach these wheels.

  • Kickstands

Cycle manufacturers generally provide a sturdy kickstand for kids’ bikes. It saves their structure from getting dents or water damage if they fall on the ground or on damp surfaces.

  • Visual Appeal

Kids love bicycles that reflect their energetic spirit and personality. Colour and prints add attractive features to bicycles. Therefore, to bring a smile to your child’s face, you must select a cycle that suits their style and taste. In addition, you can add some accessories like tassels, bells, baskets etc.


Bicycles teach children to become self-dependent. However, as parents, you must provide a safe and comfortable option for them. Ensure that the bicycle you purchase features proper frame size and other components. It should be convenient for a child to ride. Hero Cycles provide such bicycles with comprehensive features convenient for children at affordable prices. You can choose from a wide range of bicycles and their accessories based on your requirements.

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