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12 Types of Decorative Laminates in India

Your kitchen is probably the place in your home that endures the most. Whether it be high heat, spilling, food particles that are stuck around, practically holding up an invitation for the bacteria, or numerous other reasons, it provides you with all the care for the health of you and your loved ones, and it deserves the same in return.

Not only do laminates provide protection, but they also give your kitchen and home a distinct look that is both clean and beautiful.

What are Laminates?

Let us start from the beginning. What are laminates, and how do they work? More necessarily, do I really need them since I regularly clean all the surfaces? Well, yes. Cleaning might sometimes leave out the corners or hidden parts of the surface, but you don’t have to worry about that once you laminate your surfaces.

It is very important to cover your surfaces, like countertops, trolleys, etc., to maintain a healthy kitchen and, thus, a healthy home.

Laminates have a high threshold against the air and thermal pressure. Not only this, but they have great resistance towards bacteria and also help you keep your surfaces scratch-free.

Decorative laminates, alongside industrial laminates, are categorised on the basis of usage. Below are a few types of decorative laminates.

Types of Decorative Laminates to Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

   1. Textured Laminates

Texture laminate provides you with a peculiar look. This is a perfect investment if you are someone who loves contrast and aesthetics. Furthermore, these are very easy to clean. They come in numerous options, so you don’t have to worry about matching the colours in the surroundings.

   2. Metallic Laminates

These are one of a kind. With very limited choices and colours, they provide a rich and modern look. One biggest advantage, it is very easy to clean and is highly heat resistant.

   3. Countertop Laminates

This, as the name suggests, is the first and foremost choice for laminates in the kitchen and the bathroom. They resemble the old countertop choices like granite and marble in looks and are more affordable. They provide a very authentic look.

   4. Matte Finish Laminates

As you might have guessed, and rightly so, these are very beautiful to look at. And it is not only about looks. They clean very easily and help maintain a scratch-free surface. Matte finish is highly trending these days.

   5. Gloss Finish Laminates

Matte finish and gloss finish are the two types of laminates that are always at war. It is a difficult choice but knowing your requirements and your sense of choices might make it easier. While the matte finish is mostly opted for vintage looks, the gloss finish is chosen by people going for a contemporary one.

   6. Anti-bacterial Laminates

These protect your home from any kind of bacterial or viral invasion. This seems a great choice in general. These laminates are mostly used in places with high requirements for hygiene like clinics and restaurants.

   7. Acrylic Laminates

If you are a fan of bright and Indian colours, this might just be the pick for you. They come in a variety of colours, giving you a number of options to choose from. They last longer and boost the look of your place as well.

   8. PVC Laminates

Just like a glossy and matte finish, choosing between acrylic and PVC laminates is tough. While they both have a list of pros and cons, PVC is a more pocket-friendly option and is durable when compared to acrylic. It is an advisable choice for a modular kitchen.

   9. Exterior Laminates

Yes, you have guessed it right. These are used for the exterior parts of your home, like your terrace or balcony and gates. These parts of the house are most exposed to dirt and all the weather pressure. On top of this, exterior laminates are available at an affordable range.

    10. Leather Laminates

Leather laminate is typically used for the furniture part of your house. They provide a very expensive and rich look. It maintains its looks for a long time without having to manage it time after time.

    11. Solid Coloured Laminates

These laminates look best on your kitchen countertop, and their colour is something you would be proud to show off. They are used in the bathroom as well. They are highly affordable and are super easy to clean.

   12. Wood Grain Laminates

These come in a wide range to choose from. If you want a natural wood look for your home, this is a cheaper and rather durable option. These are prominently used for laminating the floors in a house.

You always remember the first time you install something new in your home, and how it looks new, shiny, and just perfect. Now, what if someone tells you that you can maintain the same look for a long time at a reasonable and pocket-friendly cost? Laminate sheets come to the rescue in terms of maintaining cost, looks, and greater longevity. To keep your home a dust-free, durable, stylish, safe, and healthy look, laminate sheets are highly recommended.

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