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16 Natural Remedies for Your Tooth Pain

16 Natural Remedies for Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can occur any time. Sometimes it becomes shooting or sharp making you unfit to rest, sleep or eat comfortably. If it persists for long then you need to visit a professional emergency dentist in London to seek emergency treatment. Until then you can follow these 16 natural remedies for getting instant relief from tooth pain.  

  1. Ice pack

It is the easy technique for removing tooth pain. Ice will numb the area and make you comfortable to keep it close to affected tooth

  1. Saltwater gargle

Get a glass of water and pour a tablespoon of salt to dissolve in it. Now heat it slightly to gargle. You need to repeat the process a few more times. Being a natural disinfectant it will heal swelling, loosen the food particles in between the teeth and clean the infection.

  1. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

Alike the saltwater rinse, hydrogen peroxide also kills bacteria to alleviate the pain and swelling. It is really beneficial for healing bleeding gums or tooth pain because of an infection. Just mix 3% hydrogen peroxide in water for swishing the mouth for half a minute.

  1. Cloves

These are old-age solution for tooth pain. Take a few drops of clove oil to rub into affected spot. As it contains natural antiseptic agent eugenol it can help in alleviating the pain effectively.

  1. Teabags

Teabags contain tannins which help in obtaining relief from tooth pain. Place a slightly warm and wet tea bag near the affected tooth for a couple of minutes to subside the pain. Peppermint tea is rich in menthol known for numbing properties which help in numbing and cooling down the pain.

  1. Oils

Several oils like peppermint, thyme and tea tree reduce numbness and pain. Peppermint oil helps in alleviating tooth pain. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil prevent the teeth from infection.

Thyme oil possesses the similar properties as tea tree oil and therefore can alleviate tooth pain. Take a few drops on cotton ball and apply in the painful spot. Leave it for a couple of minutes so the oil can start its action.

  1. Asafetida

The most common natural remedy is asafoetida along oil or lime juice. Just mix the spice in warm lemon oil or juice to apply in the affected tooth at an interval of 20 minutes for an hour. Soon, you will feel there is less pain. If it won’t help, then search for ‘emergency dentist Near Me’ and seek instant care for the pain.

  1. Garlic

For many decades now, it proves to be beneficial due to numerous medicinal properties. Crushed garlic secretes allicin, the natural antibacterial agent that can kill plaque-causing and harmful bacteria. As a result you can get instant pain relief. Either you can chew on a raw piece of garlic or can apply crushed one for relieving swelling and pain.

  1. Fresh ginger

Take an inch of fresh ginger. Peel and wash it well and start chewing slowly by keeping it in the affected spot. This will enable the ginger for oozing its juices. In an hour or two you can get relief from swelling and pain.

  1. Onions

Onion has a significant role to play against tooth pain. Take an onion slice and place it within the teeth to chew slowly. Its antibacterial properties will start working immediately alleviating the swelling and pain surrounding the tooth.

  1. Vanilla extract

It contains alcohol that assists in killing germs. Numbing the area surrounding affected tooth is another quality of vanilla extract. You can soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract and hold it in the painful area for a while to obtain temporary relief from pain.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is popular for the healing properties due to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature. Just make a turmeric powder paste with water to apply in the affected spot. If you want you can mix it with honey as well to obtain relief from pain.

  1. Lemon

Lemon contains Vitamin C that is absolutely beneficial for teeth. Get a lime wedge and keep it on the teeth especially on painful area. Suck out its juice and replace it with new wedge if needed.

  1. Propolis

The capsules of propolis help in mitigating colds. It is also helpful in reducing tooth pain. Just open the capsule and mix the powder in warm water to swish the mouth with. The antibacterial property of propolis treats the gum problem contributing to tooth pain.

  1. Guava leaf

It loads with antimicrobial properties for reducing pain and swelling. You can use fresh leaves of guava as mouthwash or can chew it directly.

  1. Wheatgrass

The juice of wheatgrass is helpful to use as mouthwash to alleviate infection and swelling. It possesses numerous benefits which make it a perfect natural remedy for toothache.

Above all you should maintain a proper dental hygiene. Therefore make sure to brush twice everyday and rinse the mouth right after having anything. Even swishing the mouth with mouthwash and regular flossing are helpful. In case you have sensitive teeth you can switch to sensitive toothpaste.

If the natural remedies won’t help you then visit the dentist immediately to seek treatment. Emergency Dentist London is a clinic which addresses all sorts of dental emergency and provides instant relief to the patients.

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