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2 Steps to Recognize Genuine Sainik 710 Plywood and Avoid Duplicates

Plywood is an essential part of any construction. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the kind of plywood that you use for your structure is of good quality. Recognizing genuine plywood from the fakes that are circulating in the market is very important.

Recognizing genuine Sainik 710 plywood from its duplicates is crucial to ensure that you get a high-quality product for your construction or interior projects. Here are two detailed steps that will help you identify genuine Sainik 710 plywood from its fakes:

   1. Verification of The Product

The first and most essential step while buying any type of plywood or construction materials would be to verify the manufacturer or brand. Other than this, you can follow these steps to verify the authenticity of the plywood product:

  • Check The Label – Examine the product’s label as well as its packaging and any other branding elements that it has. You can verify the product by looking for the Century Ply logo brand name. This helps you separate those fake and counterfeit products that are sold in the name of CenturyPly.
  • Authorized Dealers – Make sure that you buy your product from an authorized retailer or a dealer. CenturyPly has several certified dealers and distributors who engage in dealing with CenturyPly products. Make sure that you buy your Sainik 710 plywood from a CenturyPly authorized dealer.
  • Check The Pricing – One important determinant that you can use while buying products is by comparing the prices. Be aware of any price that seems too good to be true. Counterfeit and fake products are generally sold for a much lower price than genuine products.
  • Certification Marks – Genuine plywood that is of good quality often carries the certification marks of the local regulatory bodies. Check your plywood if it carries any certification marks.

   2. Inspect the product.

Once you have decided on the plywood that you want to buy, Check Plywood Authenticity to ensure that it meets your desired expectations.

  • Plywood construction- Genuine plywood is made by laminating multiple layers of veneers together. To ensure that your plywood is genuine, inspect the edges and corners to ensure that it is well bonded. There should not be any gaps or separation between layers.
  • Wood grain direction – Plywood is constructed by adjoining layers perpendicular to each other. This is what gives plywood its strength. If there is any doubt in this, then it indicates that it is of lower quality.
  • Surface finish- Thoroughly check the surface finish of the plywood. Genuine products have a smooth finish and no and no irregularities. Sainik 710 plywood has a well-furnished surface which makes it more suitable for interior as well as exterior applications.
  • Bore and termite resistance – Sainik 710 plywood is known for its resistance to borers and termites. Thoroughly check the plywood if there is any infestation of insects.


By thoroughly inspecting the product before you buy it, you can rest assured that it is of genuine quality and that your structure will not lose its form for a long time. Sainik 710 plywood is made out of the best quality materials and is a product of CenturyPly. Hence you can rest assured that it will be ideal for any interior or exterior needs.

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