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4 Simple Steps to Verify Plywood Quality with CenturyPromise App

Verifying plywood quality before purchasing it can be a very important part for customers and plywood dealers both. Therefore, plywood authenticity and quality are very much required to ensure the proper satisfaction of purchase. CenturyPromise is an app by CenturyPly that makes sure that only authentic and genuine products are being delivered to the customers and dealers using very simple steps using the app and prevents the spreading of counterfeit plywood sheets. In this article, we shall talk about 4 simple steps to verify plywood quality with the CenturyPromise App.


As discussed, using the CenturyPromise app is very simple and easy for anyone who wants to verify the source of a plywood sheet as an authentic or fake replica. Below are pointers discussing 4 such simple steps of verifying plywood with the CenturyPromise app:

  1. Installation –

The first and foremost step to perform is to download and install the CenturyPromise app on a smartphone, tablet, and other similar devices. The CenturyPromise app is available both on the Play Store and App Store; thus, everyone having either of them can install them quite easily. After installing the app, open it and follow the next step.

   2.  Details –

On opening the app, make sure to fill in the details required to have full access to the app and use it without any limits. Filling in the details means creating an account that would help in accessing the app and storing the reports of the scanning and other necessary details, which can be further used in times of need. It means storing the history of the findings.

   3. Scanning the QR code –

Now, we all know that to verify plywood quality, plywood sheets by CenturyPly have been assigned a particular QR code on them. Open the app and scan the QR code using the device’s camera, and the app will immediately fetch the necessary data required to give the proper results. Make sure to scan the QR code properly without shaking any hands or camera while scanning.

   4. Get results –

Upon scanning, the results are provided promptly. The backstory is that the app will search for the data that is already stored in the database and check the details scanned through the QR code. This process of cross-verification allows the app to provide the verification results instantly, claiming whether the scanned plywood is an authentic CenturyPly plywood sheet or a fake replica. Now, on getting the results, the customers or dealers can easily go on with their purchase if the results are positive with the assurance that the investment does not get wasted.

These are the simple steps to verify plywood quality by CenturyPly. The brand makes things much easier for customers and dealers and, through the usage of the app, streamlines the entire verification process of plywood and regards them as authentic or counterfeit products. CenturyPromise is the perfect solution to minimize the spread of counterfeit plywood sheets in the market, and everyone can get the right value for their investment.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, the CenturyPromise app plays an important role in the realm of the plywood industry. It prevents the spreading of counterfeit products and identifies authentic and genuine products by CenturyPly, making customers guaranteed that they are getting the right product. CenturyPromise can be anyone’s go-to choice for checking authenticity in terms of plywood sheets purchase and can come in very handy in times of need.

CenturyPromise is an app by CenturyPly that is used by customers or dealers to check for plywood authenticity and verification along with quality to make sure they stay away from counterfeit products.




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