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5 Pros of Using Laminates vs Other Countertop Materials

When it comes to designing your kitchen space, you only want to use materials that are functional and add a pleasing touch to your kitchen. It has to exude aesthetics, and such material is not rare anymore. Laminates are everywhere, dominating the market and setting the bar high for other countertops. It has become a staple in every kitchen.

The homeowner wants to constantly substitute other countertop materials with laminate. So, a question arises now: why is there a buzz around laminates? The answer is that it is durable, resilient, functional, and whatnot. Here we will look at the top 5 merits of using laminate and how it can enhance the look of your kitchen with its chic appearance.

  • Aesthetics and variety

Here goes the most attractive thing about laminates. It is unique and elegant, besides being functional. There is a gamut of laminate styles available on the market, perfect for adding a tinge of glam to your home. It can be found in various designs, colors, and even sizes that make it a wonderful countertop material for your overall kitchen.

You do not want to try out any other countertop material when you get your hands on this exceptionally curated plywood product. This long-lasting laminate design, made by pressing thin layers of wood veneers against each other, is sure to keep your home a heavenly abode with its charming appeal.

The laminate component can be purchased in a wide variety of patterns and sleek proportions. If you have not tried this surface-layer product for your furniture or kitchen, you are missing out on a lot of its offerings that can bring the ultimate visual appeal to your home. What this component offers is unparalleled and perfectly suited to meet your aesthetic as well as functional requirements.

  • Easy maintenance

Once you have purchased a product, the first thing that pops up in your mind is how to keep its novelty intact without much effort. When it comes to laminates, you do not have to go the extra mile to check their durability or cleanliness. Unlike regular countertop materials available for sale and purchase in the market, these laminates do not require extra consideration.

However, cleaning with a mild agent or a soft cloth will ensure its long-lasting luster. You do not have to spend your hard-earned money to buy cleaning liquid since a good mild agent will satisfy the need. The rest of the countertops in this domain have to be made pristine with a lot of labor, enough to wear you out. So, to clean a laminate, all you need is a tiny wipe using a mild agent suitable for making surfaces tidy. For a kitchen serving scrumptious meals, a premium-quality laminate is always a must.

  • Quick installation

Even the thought of installing a countertop can be overwhelming since it requires labor. You might have even considered going for a quick installation without perfecting the finish due to the task it poses in front of you. Well, now that you have heard of these decorative laminates, everything is going to be easy as a breeze.

Homeowners indeed hire professionals to install countertops in their kitchens. However, with laminates, the game is changed. You can do it all by yourself or instantly avail yourself of the service of a professional with minimal to zero effort. The best part is that it saves you a lot of time and money in the long run.

All you have to do is look for laminates when you go shopping for items for your kitchen. This will make sure that the installation of your kitchen countertop is hassle-free and gets over in a matter of minutes. Voila, laminates have just saved a huge chunk of your resources.

  • Pocket-friendly

When it comes to choosing the right countertop material for the kitchen, everyone wants a top-notch, durable product that will last longer than any other wood veneer on the market. So, you have found the perfect component, called laminates, for your home. Further, the next thing to inquire about is the price of this rich countertop.

The idea that laminates cost an arm and a leg is an absolute myth. The truth is that laminates come in different styles, sizes, and patterns, and the most affordable of them all fall under kitchen countertops. The quality is also assured for laminates, provided you purchase them from a certified company.

You can always fix your budget before purchasing a plywood laminate. Besides that, make sure that the laminate reflects the core of your home and kitchen as well. A good laminate will come with additional characteristics such as borer and termite resistance, protection against viruses, non-porosity, etc. Thus, it is important to shop only for the best laminate, which will act as a decorative element for your elegant kitchen.

  • Pre-finishing

Unlike the paint we normally apply on surfaces and then add a subsequent layer to set it out evenly, laminates do not require such a sleek finish. It is a pre-finished product that has the prowess to maintain the natural appeal of a finished product like furniture. For the general installation of tiles in your home, you may have noticed that an extra set of layers was applied further to wrap it up.

No such finishing procedures are required after the installation of laminates, which makes it even more irresistible to homeowners. Other features like durability and ease of installation and maintenance make it further appealing. Another interesting fact to be noted is that a few of the premium laminate manufacturers incorporate technology into their laminate products.

This will further enhance its features and make it a top-class laminate that is difficult to say no to. Therefore, the next time you go to a construction shop for a purchase, do not fail to locate the laminate countertops for your kitchen. It is the best deal that you can come across at this point, as it is available across a slew of unique styles composed to cater to your visual appeal.

Final Overview

So, have you decided on the theme and ambiance for your kitchen? With the amazing range of laminate products to choose from, it is common to go bonkers. Fret not; CenturyLaminates may be the ideal laminate that you are looking for. They offer the best laminate products at affordable rates for their customers.

Curated using Virokill technology, their laminates put up an effective front against bacteria and viruses, which will make your kitchen a spotless environment. Additionally, their laminates show excellent resistance against borer and termites. So, choose your laminate wisely and turn your mediocre kitchen into an epic one.



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