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5 Unique Features Of A Caterpillar 140g

Who has not heard of Caterpillar Inc.? It is a well-known brand for producing high-quality heavy equipment for every construction task. They are among one the top brands that have manufactured a range of equipment including motor graders, excavators, wheel loaders, and many more. All of their units are unique in features and aim to deliver high-grade productivity. 

Similarly, their motor grader 140g is one of a kind that makes the toughest job easier on the construction site. It has numerous features that will leave you in wonder once you start using it for your construction jobs. You will find an extensive range of features and options available in order to improve the performance and usability of your motor grader 140g. The innovative design of the C Series combines a durable and lightweight structure with easy-to-use controls and a powerful engine, making it ideal for operating on all types of surfaces. 

Let’s find out some of the unique yet amazing features of caterpillar 140g for sale in this article. 

  • Articulated frame for better maneuverability

The caterpillar motor grader is designed with an articulated frame and high ground clearance to increase the level of maneuverability. The articulation of the frame also allows you to adjust it according to your needs without having to move the machine altogether. This feature makes it easier for you to reach your destination without having to worry about getting stuck under the vehicle or causing any damage to it. The articulated frame of the Caterpillar motor grader 140G gives it great maneuverability in tight spaces as well. The articulated frame allows for better access to the ground and greater visibility from all sides. This makes it easier to see obstacles and plan ahead for safe and efficient operations.

This unique feature also makes it easy for you to change direction without changing your stance or position of the machine. It allows you to move in all directions, which makes it easier to work with the machine on uneven terrain or when working at heights.

  • Hydraulic power train for smoother grading performance

The power train on the Caterpillar motor grader 140g is hydraulically driven, which creates less vibration and friction than the mechanical drive train. This feature makes it easier for you to handle the machine on the job site and reduces wear and tear on your arms, wrists, and hands. The hydraulic power train in Cat 140G for sale provides smoother grading performance, and it also has a wider bottom deck for increased stability. This also makes it easier for operators to perform high-speed reverse moves and turns.

The hydraulic system also offers increased durability, which means fewer breakdowns and less downtime. This helps your company to complete projects faster, stay on schedule and increase its ability to meet customer expectations.

  • Elevated sprocket design for improved traction and balance

The unique sprocket design of the Caterpillar motor grader 140g is essential to its overall performance. The elevated sprocket design on this machine helps to improve traction and balance while in use, especially when working on slopes. In addition to this, it also helps to reduce skidding and slippage that would otherwise occur with a normal motor grader. The unique sprocket design also elevates the centre of gravity in order to improve traction and balance. It further allows for a wider range of tire sizes and widths, improving the versatility of this machine.

  • Eco-mode for fuel efficiency

The Caterpillar 140G eco-mode is a special version of the motor grader with better fuel efficiency. This mode is activated when the engine is running and reduces the power to keep the engine in top condition. When this mode is in action, the fuel consumption of the engine decreases significantly. The reason behind this feature is that during operation, the engine requires more energy to run than it can produce. It means that the grader needs more fuel to run than it produces. In order to reduce this problem, Caterpillar has installed an additional electric motor on board which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and then back into mechanical energy by installing an alternator on board. The machine can then use an electric motor to drive different parts of the machine such as auxiliary equipment or pumps etc.

  • Joystick steering controls

The joystick controller in this cat motor graders allows the operator to control the machine more efficiently, especially when working on uneven terrain. The joystick also has an indicator that shows how much pressure the operator is applying to each wheel. This helps them to see if they are applying too much force to one or more of the wheels.

This feature also allows the operator to manually control the direction of travel by moving the joystick in any direction. The joystick is on the steering column and controls both the steering and throttle functions of the engine. As an added safety feature, when you select reverse (R), it will automatically engage the parking brake at all times.

The bottom line

There are many motor graders available in the global market. However, the Caterpillar motor grader 140G has its unique place among all. This motor grader is specifically designed to cater to the different needs of the construction industry. Its sophisticated design lets you accomplish a variety of tasks in a straightforward manner. Further unique features of this motor grader are listed in this article. 

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