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6 Reasons Why You Need Lucida Laminates

The New Year is around the corner, and everyone is excited to welcome the new year on a positive note. It is the perfect time to revamp your living room and refurbish your kitchen.

If you are planning to host a New Year party at your home this year, then we would recommend you revamp your furniture with new laminates.

Yes, you heard me right. Laminates can create a significant impact on the looks of your interior. It changes the whole vibe instantly.

Undoubtedly, laminates are the first choice when it comes to giving a finishing touch to cabinets, wardrobes, shelves or studies. But there is a plethora of laminate quality available in the market, so it might be confusing for you to choose the right one. Don’t worry; we have got you covered here. In this blog, we will help you in making the best choice in terms of laminates for your interior.

CenturyLaminates is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the country. CenturyLaminates offer an exquisite range of laminates to spruce up your home interior named Lucida laminates. It is a premium-quality laminate that will take your home interior to the next level.

Wondering how? Let’s see what makes this laminate special.

But before that, let’s understand what CenturyLaminates – Lucida laminates are.

What are Lucida Laminates?

Lucida laminates by CenturyLaminates are specially crafted premium quality laminates with a high gloss finish which makes them a show stopper. It requires less maintenance and provides extreme resistance against abrasions, scuffs and stains. Whether you want an elegant, classy look or a glossy chic interior, century laminates have a wide variety of options that covers all your needs. From kitchen cabinets to bedroom wardrobes, kids’ study to window panels, Lucida laminates works for every space.

Why do you need Lucida Laminates?

Lucida Laminates sheets are not just random laminates that only enhance the outer appearance of the furniture but also have qualities that will leave you awestruck. These premium quality laminates are not popular because of their face value but also for the features it offers. Here is the list of key features of the Lucida Laminates:

   1. Provide Extreme Resistance:

No matter whether you are planning to use the Lucida laminates on the kitchen cabinet or washroom, they will provide you with high resistance against wear and tear. Lucida Laminates can bear extreme weather conditions and stay as such for a long time.

   2. Incredible Colour Fastness:

It is mostly seen that in ordinary laminates, the colour fades with time and usage. But even after regular wear and tear, Lucida laminates by Century Laminates, you don’t have to worry about the fading colour. It has an overlay tissue that ensures that the colour of the laminates doesn’t fade away and thus keeps the furniture bright and beautiful always.

   3. ViroKill Technology :

Virokill Technology is the most revolutionary technology employed by CenturyLaminates in all its products, and Lucida laminates are no exception. This technology ensures that the laminate kills more than 99.99% of the pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungus, when it comes in contact with the laminate. Thereby, ensuring that your interiors are safe and hygienic for all your family members.

   4. Stain-Resistant:

Stains are the biggest reason for stress while we try to keep the interiors spic and span. Stains are sometimes hard to remove and thus require a lot of effort to get rid of them. In contrast, the furniture is prone to stains, especially when you have kids around. But if you choose to invest in Lucida laminates, then you can remain stress-free as it has stain resistance ability which will keep your furniture stain free.

   5. Heat Resistant:

Kitchen cabinets and counters are prone to heat, and thus an ordinary laminate can lose its shine. Lucida laminates are perfect for every space, but for the kitchen, it is a boon. Kitchen counters and cabinets are prone to exploitation. Lucida laminates provide resistance to heat and have a low flame penetration rate. Thus, it keeps the surface of the cabinet and counters safe.

   6. Variety of options:

Lucida Laminates offer a range of colour and style in laminates, and thus you have a plethora of choices to choose from. You can have different kinds of laminates for different spaces and cupboards. You can be creative with style and even customize the pattern and texture of the laminates.


The bottom line is that Lucida Laminates is the best choice when it comes to giving your furniture a long-lasting finish. These laminates not only add a look but also provide resistance to environmental factors such as weather, heat, wear and tear, stain, and pathogens. You can get these Lucida laminates from CenturyLaminates. For more information, you can visit our website.

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