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7 Key Elements Your School Website Must Have


A website has immense importance in today’s business world. And it has become an essential tool for brands.

A website allows brands to maintain an online presence. It helps them to engage a massive audience. It also helps a brand to make new customers. So like other services, a school also must have an effective website. It helps a school to provide better online facilities to students. Moreover, it allows a school to have an online presence and promote its services. 

A school website must be easy to use. Also, it should have easy navigation. Similarly, it should have clear CTAs. And it must have a mobile-friendly design. And a school website must be quick to load. 

In this article, we have outlined the core elements of a school website. So keep reading this post and ensure your school website has these features. Also, hire ghostwriting services for quality content for your school website.

Top Core Elements Your School Website Must Have

A successful school website is a result of core elements. So make sure your school website has those elements.

Here are the top elements your school website must have.

1. User-Friendly Design

The design of a website plays a vital role in its productivity. A simple and attractive design makes a website more engaging. Moreover, people find a website easy to use if it has a simple layout. So the design can make a website user-friendly. 

On the other hand, a complex design can make a website look unattractive. In addition, people can find such websites difficult to use. Therefore, a school website must have a simple and attractive design. 

A school website can have several visitors. And they may have a different level of understanding about a website. So simplicity will be the best idea for a school website. It should contain a simple home page. And it should have brief and necessary menu options. So when your website has a visitor, he must know where to go for the information. 

 Hence, these are the ideas to make your website user-friendly.

2. An Easy-To-Read Navigation

Easy navigation is one of the best features of an effective website. It makes a website easy to use. And generally, users prefer a website with an easy navigation system. 

Navigation is a system on websites that help people with directions. In other words, it makes it easy for the audience to find what they want. And it allows people to flow from one website page to another easily. 

A school website must have easy-to-read navigations. The navigations are to guide vistiors. So you should avoid using fancy words. Instead, your school website should use concise and easy words in the navigation system. Moreover, your school websites should choose the right contrasting colors for navigation. 

3. Clear Call to Actions

Calls to action options are essential elements for a website. They help a visitor to take a specific action. 

Calls to action are buttons on a website that tell people what to do. For instance, Apply Now, Learn More, Submit here, and many more. Your school website needs to use prominent calls to action buttons. It will be much easy for a user to take action. 

Suppose a student visits your school website for admission. And your website does not have prominent calls to action button. So what will happen? Well, it can communicate a negative image of your school. 

Hence, design your school website with clear and prominent calls to action buttons. Use catchy phrases. And avoid using a dark color for calls to action buttons. 

4. A Mobile-Friendly Layout

There is no denying that smartphones have replaced our laptops and computers. And we use smartphones for all kinds of browsing. People are not likely to open laptops to browse a website. They do it on their phones. So websites must be mobile-friendly. 

Many school websites do not function smoothly on mobile phones. Why is that so? Because such websites are not mobile-friendly. They work well on laptops and computers but not on mobile phones. So, such school websites can make things uneasy for the users.

 Today, more than 60% of internet users use mobile phones for browsing. So it becomes essential for your school to design a mobile-friendly website. 

Hence, mobile responsiveness is another core element your school website must have.

5. Quick to Load

Speed is another core element of a website. And it is an essential feature of a business website.

However, speed has more importance on the school website. The reason is a school website offers more facilities to the users.

Online education is one of the top facilities. Students take online classes through the school website. Similarly, they submit online quizzes and assignments using the school website. Thus, users spend more time on a school website. So a school website must be quick to load. And it should not take time to respond. A good school website should take 2-3 seconds to load. 

Research shows that some 40-50% of users leave a site when it takes more than 6-7 seconds to load. So a slow website can give a negative impression of the school. Therefore, make sure your school website has quick speed. 

6. Student Portal

A good school website must include a student portal. It is an essential element for students. It helps a student to keep track of the school schedule and timetable. Moreover, a portal can make it easier to keep track of attendance and assignment deadlines. It also allows students to take online quizzes. In short, a student portal can make student life much easier in this modern world. Hence, every school website must have a student portal.


A student portal is a gateway to a school website that contains essential data for students. Students can access their exam schedule, results, library, online lecture, and many more. 

Today, almost every good school website has an effective portal for students. And the Covid -19 crisis made schools realize how essential it is to have a student portal. Thus, it is another core element your school website must have.

7. E-learning Option

An E-learning option is another essential feature of an effective school website. And today, almost every school website has an e-learning portal to facilitate the students. 

School websites have an e-learning portal for online education. It allows students to take online classes. Similarly, it enables students to take online exams. So every school website must have this feature to facilitate the stuent.

Key Takeaways

A website is essential for schools, just like other services. 

Schools require to maintain an online presence and facilitate the students. So they must have effective websites to achieve their goals.

 A good website must have a user-friendly design. It should have easy navigation and clear CTAs. Moreover, it must have a mobile-friendly layout to engage a wider audience. And it must have student and e-learning portals.

Thus, these are some of the top elements your school website must have for a good user experience. 

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