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7 Tips to Start Website Promotion for Free

Website Promotion for Free

Free website promotion depends on different and varied factors, the fact that you have the best product/service in the world still does not mean that it will be successful. Without effective and correct SEO, no one will know you and your business. Even if you have a stunning website on the Internet without promotion, it is not exposed to all surfers and probably will not be. There are many services available that you can use to advertise and promote your website on the Internet quickly and efficiently, through sponsored campaigns on social networks and sponsored promotion on Google.

Still, there are free ways to promote and advertise your website on Google, through effective organic Google SEO.


So how do you start free SEO on Google?

Even before you start working on the content for the website, you must familiarise yourself with the organic promotion method in depth. Conduct phrase research on the Internet and prepare a list of keywords that are suitable for your business. Try to choose popular words that have high search percentages. The words must appear in the main title, in the secondary title and in the content of the site in order for Google to recognize it during the various searches. Even when attaching an image, the keyword must be included in the title of the image. Organic promotion is an excellent and most effective solution for your website (if you do it correctly and over time). The result is an increase in the traffic of surfers and their involvement on your site.


Advertising on social networks

We have already talked about the influence of social networks in our lives in previous publications ( tips for advertising on Facebook , advertising on Instagram in 2019 ). It is highly recommended to create social media accounts and operate them regularly, interacting with the customers often is the best way to promote the business online. You will be able to establish relationships with the customers, and achieve immediate results as a result of your communication with them. Various social media accounts provide businesses with an excellent platform to advertise their business to the right audience. Promotion and advertising on social media sites can generate new and fresh traffic to the profile and website. In order to create a direct integration with your surfers, you can offer gifts and special benefits to surfers in order to increase engagement, likes, comments and shares on the page.


Registration for Google tools – Google Search Console and Analytics

The first things you need to do to start organic promotion on Google – connect to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The connection will allow you to see important data about the site and its activity, such as, for example, the number of exposures in Google searches, average position, number of clicks, percentage of clicks, sources of access to the site and a lot of other important information. The data is created according to the phrases people search on Google and according to the existing site infrastructure, and from here you can only start to improve. This is an excellent way to understand where the site stands and what should be improved to bring quality organic traffic to the site.


Branding and signature throughout the network

The brand image is your hallmark, this is how you will be recognized as a business. Therefore, devote resources to create a brand that is easy to recognize, a brand that attracts attention and interests customers. Create a signature for your email account, structured and uniform text messages for customers, and forums that include your website address and business information accurately. In addition, allow easy access to the website via mobile (very important!). If you are interested in learning more about promoting your website/business via mobile (nowadays, most of life is managed via our mobiles), you should work with software that checks the functionality of the website on mobile and improve according to the data that appears there.


Focus on original content

In order to keep the surfers interested and stimulated on your site and make them come back, you must create high-quality and original content that has not been seen before on another site in the same field. Publish these contents on the website, on blogs and even on social networks in order to increase exposure and engagement on your website. When you create a blog on the business website, use Google software to help you analyze the data and achieve maximum exposure. It is recommended and advisable to link all your articles together, and this will contribute to a higher Google ranking in searches. Don’t be shy to publish a post with a link every time you upload a new article to the blog.


Google Local for Business

In order to be exposed to as many customers as possible in the area of ​​the business, it is recommended to open a local Google for the business. This is a completely free service that exposes your business to surfers in the geographic area of ​​the business. You can add photos, posts, content and ways to contact the business. The advantage of this service is the way the information is presented. Your website will appear just above the rest of the regular search results, giving your business a bigger online presence. Google even provides directions to your location, and they allow customers to call directly from their mobile device. Local promotion on Google is a promotion designed primarily to increase telephone inquiries to the business, increase the number of visits to the website and generally be exposed to potential customers nearby.


Interrelationships and collaborations

One of the ways to present your site as a reliable site is by linking other sites in the field to your site. If you are looking to do free website promotion by creating supporting links: guest post on blogs, posting on forums, link exchanges, news articles and more. It is less recommended to link your site to low-level sites, with ‘problematic’ or offensive content, etc. The search engines want to reward you and rank your site higher when they see that your site is linked to authoritative and relevant sites in your business field. Focus on creating links that are relevant to your surfers, and use quality keywords or phrases to get a link. Backlinks are an important part of organic promotion on Google, but you must be careful how you create them. If you do too many at once, your site can get banned and penalized by Google. A regular and steady pace is the best way when you are working on building backlinks to your website.


if you still do not know how to advertise and promote your business after we have presented you with 7 organic and free options, it is recommended that you contact a professional digital marketing company. These are free, friendly tips that will help you advertise and promote yourself in several existing media. Admittedly, patience and time are required until you know how to do free website promotion in an accurate and effective way and you can see results in the field. Over time, your business will indeed be exposed to everyone and traffic to the site will increase, a matter that can take weeks or even months, depending on the quality of the organic promotion and the means available. 


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