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An Ultimate Guide To Choose A Water Tank For Home

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Earlier, the tanks were made up of metal and cement. However, those days are gone, and now most people prefer thermoplastic-based water tanks for household, commercial or other uses. There are different categories of water tanks, having a variety of features and choosing the ideal one from them can take a lot of work for the average user.

Currently, there is a broad category of water tanks based on their layers, functionality, size, installation procedure etc. With such a general category, sometimes it becomes challenging for the user to choose a suitable water tank for their requirements.

This article will discuss the different applications and factors you should consider in a water tank, which will help you choose the best tank. So let’s start-

Factors to Consider in Water Tank

Below are essential factors that every buyer must consider while purchasing a water tank.

  • Purpose of the Water Tank

Generally, water tanks are used for storing water in houses for drinking and other purposes. However, water tanks are used in several other places like industries for different purposes. Before purchasing the water tank, it is essential to know whether you are getting it for household, commercial, or industrial purposes.

– Water Tanks for Household Usage

Most people prefer having a plastic water tank for domestic purposes. A home water tank is offered in various capacities, shapes and sizes according to the user’s requirements. Moreover, the customer should prefer an excellent quality tank for using the tank in the long run.

– Water tank for Industrial Usage

The water tanks specially designed for the industries come with an additional layering of MDPE to offer better strength and longevity to the tanks. Moreover, the tanks are designed in such a manner that they don’t react to the extreme outer conditions of the industrial place.

– Water tanks for Commercial Usage

Apart from household and industrial usage, water tanks are widely used in commercial places like hotels, restaurants and other areas. Usually, water tanks in such sites feature higher water storage capacity and better-built quality for longevity.

After selecting the purpose and usage of the tank, now you must consider the following factors:

  • Layered Water Tanks

Users should consider the layers inside the tank while purchasing the water tanks. Water tanks vary in layers, from single-layered to six-layered tanks. While the single-layered tank does not offer much protection against external weather, a six-layer water tank will offer the best protection and longevity to the user.

The five & six-layered water tanks are undoubtedly the best in the market. However, they are expensive, and at times their installation can be quite challenging for the users. Therefore, the three and four-layered water tanks are the most suitable and pocket-friendly option for the consumer. These tanks provide adequate protection from harsh weather conditions and assure durability to its user.

  • Capacity of Water Tank

Water tanks, especially the overhead ones, are offered in various sizes and capacities. For household purposes, you should consider the water tank capacity according to the size of the family. You should evaluate the water tank according to the daily commercial or industrial requirements.

Home Water Tank Options

  • Water tank 100 Ltr
  • Water tank 500 Ltr
  • Water tank 700 Ltr
  • Water tank 1000 Ltr
  • Water tank 1500 Ltr

The water tanks are offered in different sizes and capacity, for serving the requirements of several categories of users. If you’re looking for a massive-capacity water tank, overhead water tanks are the best option. Their high positioning allows them to maintain a heavy water-flow.

However, if you have a low water consumption, you should consider having a loft water tank, which can be easily installed by following the steps manually in the loft of your house.

The factors mentioned above are the significant factors that should be considered while purchasing a tank from an authorised water tank manufacturer.


A water tank is essential for fulfilling every household, commercial and industrial requirement. Every water tank manufacturer offers different water tanks according to the users’ necessities. While buying a water tank, users should ensure that it keeps the water hygienic and maintains the aesthetic look of the place where it is installed.

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