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Are you heading for an interview? Choose the Right Handbag to Look more Professional

It is very important to look professional when you are about to face interview, you need to highlight confidence, responsibility and smart side of yours. While dressing formally and appropriately is the most important element, holding a right handbag along with it is equally important.

Why holding the right handbag important?

When you first enter the room, your whole appearance is observed, because how you present yourself speaks a lot about the kind of person you are. If you dress shabbily or hold a torn bag, it can easily reflect that you do not pay attention to things around you, which can easily bring down you whole chances of getting the job.

Carry a workbag

When you go for an interview, carrying a clutch or a hobo bag can easily hinder your look, this is where an office handbag can make you look more appropriate for the situation. The trick is to choose a sophisticated, well organised and a solid coloured handbag such as satchel handbag that gels up well with your attire.

Go for a leather tote

Quite trendy, Leather tote bags should be in your list of bags to mix with the outfit that you have picked up for making a good impression during the interview. You can easily find them in many colours like brown, black, blue, white and many other solid colours, so matching them will not be a problem. One can easily find and buy these tote bags online or in-store; all you have to do is find the right one!

Always go for classic

You do not have to get all confused while choosing a bag for yourself, always go for choosing classy handbags, like a satchel or a tote handbag or a stylish and sleek laptop handbag. You should avoid any handbag that comes with lots of accessories attached or is not size appropriate to carry your things.

Do not tag a gym bag or any other bag along with you that day

Do not make your interview day like any other day, keep it a precedence and avoid carrying any extra baggage or things along with you that’s not necessary like if you are in habit of hitting the gym after office hours, skip it or delay it but do not carry gym bag with you. This includes shopping bags, any suitcases in case you are travelling afterwards, etc.

Go for a large-sized bag

There are many things that we need every day while we go out of home, which includes charger, phone, wallets, laptop, documents, snack box, water bottle, wipes, umbrella and makeup essential, everything is stocked up in the handbag. In such a case, the size of the handbag matter, avoid carrying multiple bags and choose a large-sized bag that can easily carry all the things needed.

Keep aside handbags that are specifically for interviews purposes

If you have chosen a good handbag for the interview, do not use it regularly instead keep it aside exclusively for the interview only. You can even keep all your documents and any materials such as pens and notepads that you might require during the interview, well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Keep handbag organised

Keep your handbag organised to avoid digging into your bag at the time of interview for pen, notepad or your business card, these things will be easier in your reach if they are well kept.

Choose a stylish laptop handbag

Carrying laptop does not have to be boring, choose stylish, sleek, leather and lightweight laptop handbag or messenger bags that can make you look classy and confident while representing yourself in front of a panel who will be interviewing you.

Avoid carrying flashy handbags

A flashy handbag can easily steal attention and you do not want that to happen in the interview. You can add diverse colours or go for solid or neutral tones, but avoid anything with a shiny finish.

To sum up

It is always suggestive to be classy when it comes to carrying a handbag for the interview, but do not be afraid of having fun with the colours. Have a thorough knowledge about the kind of handbag you need in that situation, material and colour that will best suit you.

Whether you buy a branded handbag online or from a store, stick to purchasing a bag that is durable and comes with a conservative finish.

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