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BigTime vs Wrike: Which Software Should Choose in 2022

BigTime vs Wrike Which Software Should Choose in 2022

If you’re in the market for a project planning software solution, you’re probably wondering which one is better for your needs. There are several key differences between Wrike and BigTime. Wrike features document proofing, document approval tracking, and native mobile apps. BigTime, on the other hand, is often marketed as simple billing software but is designed with professional service industry professionals in mind. Like Wrike, BigTime also gives users tools to manage projects.

Bigtime software

BigTime software is a popular project management tool that helps professional service firms manage time, expenses, and projects. It includes features like customizable timesheets and expense reporting and advanced tools for creating efficient financial systems. Its flexible pricing and robust integrations with accounting software help it gain a global following. It is available for Mac and Windows, and also works on Android, iPhone, and Chromebooks.

BigTime software is primarily designed for professional services firms, and lets you track customer engagements, budgets, usage, and realization. The software also allows you to track billable hours, as well as time spent delivering value to clients. It can be used for any size project, as it supports unlimited users. It also lets you customize request forms and dashboards.

wrike software

Wrike is a project management software that helps teams collaborate on projects. Its user-friendly interface lets you assign tasks and manage dependencies easily. It also offers customizable dashboards and reports. If you’re unsure whether Wrike software is right for your team, sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

Wrike is more affordable, starting at just $10 per user per month. The paid plans, which are billed annually, come with unlimited users and are fully customizable. While BigTime also offers customizable reports, they only allow users to attach files to their projects and can only export them to three different file formats. While this may be enough for some users, it’s not flexible enough for all projects. Similarly, group messaging and email aren’t ideal for project management due to the possibility of lost information, document versioning issues, and lack of clarity. With project management software, you can manage your teams better and prioritize tasks according to your needs.

Jira: Jira was originally designed as a software development tool but has expanded into a general project management service. It offers a full suite of tools, including customizable dashboards and third-party integration options. The software offers a free trial for small teams.

bigtime pricing

When comparing BigTime software pricing with Wrike software, it is important to consider the features and functionality of both products. While both platforms are useful, there are a few key differences between them. BigTime is designed specifically for professional services firms and has a variety of features and benefits. The software helps firms manage billable hours and customer engagements and also helps them manage budgets. It also provides standardized reporting and integration options.

BigTime is designed for large and small companies alike but is particularly useful for companies in the professional services industry. It is best for consulting firms, accounting firms, architecture firms, government contracting firms, IT services companies, and law firms. BigTime has several notable clients including the 415 Group, C2 Company, JAS Architecture Group, True Partners Consulting, and others. Its founder, Rich Craig, says BigTime has helped his firm scale as it continues to expand.

wrike pricing

Wrike is a versatile project management tool that helps teams stay organized and delivered projects on time. Its feature-rich interface includes Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and prioritized tasks. But there are some limitations to this software, which makes it less ideal as an end-to-end solution. BigTime is a more feature-rich tool with features like automatic assignment of tasks, intuitive data entry, and access to timesheets.

BigTime software costs $10 per user per month. It also has three paid plans that are billed annually. It is not free, but you can use a free plan for a week before making your decision. Wrike is slightly cheaper, with two paid plans and a free version. It also offers quote-based enterprise packages and flexible pricing.


When choosing the best project planning software, it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each one. BigTime, for instance, is designed for professional services firms and can help you keep track of customer engagements, budgets, utilization, and realization of projects. It is also flexible and features intuitive data entry and timesheets.

BigTime Software: BigTime offers a full set of project management features, including budget tracking, task tracking, workflow management, and flexible reporting. It also integrates with your accounting system. It can be expensive, but it has a free version for small businesses.

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