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Choose Water-Proof Plywood To Forget About Your Tensions

Wood has been recognized as a standard material for building the interiors of a home. It gives a tinge of luxury to your furniture, makes it look classy, and also brings in the sense of alchemy when you switch to wood. Wood could alter the entire appearance of a living room. However, just as a coin has two sides, wood, too, has some negative points. It is susceptible to getting spoiled on exposure to fluids, liquids, and the like. In such cases, we could only take precautions to prevent damage. Nevertheless, once it deteriorates, it takes a lot of labor to bring back the luster. The wood is also prone to infestation from termites and borers. Therefore, it is imperative to think of a supreme quality wood that is waterproof and can meet all these requirements.

Sainik 710 is the choice that dominates the list of plywood. There are a couple of reasons attributed to making CenturyPly’s Sainik 710 number one in the category. Let us briefly look at some of it.

  • Asli Waterproof Ply –

It is resistant to water or any liquid substance for that matter. It is unlike the normal plywood that we get to see in the market that claims to be impervious to solutions. But in reality, it is just the opposite. The Sainik 710 plywood just gives its customer what it promises to deliver, authentic and unique waterproof properties.

  • BWP grade –

BWP or Boiling Waterproof grade is one of its stark features. This waterproof wood article is not just simply composed of many layers of wood. It is composed of uniform thickness to make it sturdy enough to withstand any boiling point.

  • Low cost-

The Asli waterproof is available at Rs.105 per unit(GST combined), which is affordable for plywood as exquisite as Sainik 710.

  • Borer and termite resistant-

With this high-quality plywood, you can keep your worries at bay. It does not invite pesky pests, nonetheless keeps a check on them. It has one of the world’s best innovative glue line protection technologies.

  • Improved shape retention-

This is an added feature. The waterproof plywood is manufactured in a very meticulous manner and comes with advanced Strength and Shape retention attributes.

  • Improved resistance to bending –

It has the unique property of remaining in shape due to its vigorous nature. That makes Sainik 710 an amazing plywood to use for your furniture.

Why is waterproof plywood preferred over the others?

As it is known, it is undisputedly a win-win for anyone who buys this water-impenetrable plywood. Still so, despite reading all its incredible features, you may have your doubts while purchasing plywood to make your home a clear and beautiful haven. Well, these features are not the only ones. Sainik 710 water-resistant plywoods have more to it than merely being water resistant. Let us dive deep into the world of CenturyPlySainik 710 plywood.


  • Sainik 710 is not just any ordinary plywood. It is Asli waterproof, unique, pocket-friendly, borer and termite proof, and has got a charm that is hard to come by. It can jazz up the entire appearance of your home with its sorely exclusive properties.
  • This plywood is waterproof, which means it is impervious to water. Now stormy rains cannot wet your upholstery. It is safe and secure from any tormenting weather. It has got a thin layer on the surface and additional layers inside arranged line by line with identical thickness. It prevents permeation by water with its extra slice of protection.
  • It is eco-friendly and has distinctive layers of veneer that make it a sustainable choice, contributing to the growth of our environment.
  • It is steady across all dimensions and is not influenced or impacted by changing weather patterns in different hemispheres.
  • More plies are used in the creation of this plywood, hence working on further addition to its strength. This strength is vital to carry humongous articles.
  • Its durability is pretty unusual for such a low cost and therefore increases its cost-effectiveness. You can buy it without a second thought is the best deal any company can offer its customers.
  • The innovative technology of using a slightly thin layer of glue protection further increases its value and forms a protective wall against termites and borers.


In a nutshell, water-resistant plywood is a smart choice. Talking about its mesmerizing benefits, it is Asli waterproof, available at a price as low as ₹105 per unit (unit = 929 sq.cm., inclusive of GST), hostile to termites and borers, impervious to water, pioneering glue line protection, environment-friendly, sturdy and uniformly placed within for providing utmost strength. The plywood can be purchased across multiple manufacturer websites. Grab the most exciting deal without thinking further. This is the right time to seal the purchase and save that extra money.














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