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Choose Water-Proof Plywood to Stay Away from the Buff

No one wants the shine to fade away. But nothing is permanent and so is the shine of furniture. As time passes by, things get old and automatically everything loses its shine, especially the surface of the furniture. To make the furnishings look new, buffing is done. This creates a lot of mess and is a troublesome way to make things look better.

To avoid this chaos and increase the durability of the furniture, use waterproof plywood. There is a wide range of such ply available in the market. One can choose as per the requirement. Buffing is a traditional way of scraping away the surface layer of the furniture and making it look new.

Choosing a good quality water-proof plywood will not just make the furniture look good but will also prevent it from termite attacks and other wood damaging conditions. Generally, it is better to purchase good, waterproof plywood but some people convert normal plywood to a waterproof one. Here are some ways to make the ply waterproof:

First, clean the surface of the furniture with sandpaper and remove the spots as much as possible.

Now any of the following can be used to seal the plywood and protect it against water.

   1. Epoxy Sealer

It is one of the traditional methods to make the ply waterproof. Apart from enhancing the look of the furnishings and making them waterproof, these epoxy sealers make the wood stronger. They are available in the form of paints and sprays. Epoxy forms a tough outer layer of the plywood and protects it from any scratches and dents too.

   2. Drying Oil

Drying oil works a bit differently than Epoxy. It does not seal the wood and prevent the water from entering the wood instead it makes the wood stronger and makes it water friendly. Drying oil makes the plywood stronger and helps it to stay in water or wet weather conditions. It increases the life of the Ply immensely. This drying oil is suitable for boats or any water existing products.

   3. Water-protective paints

There are a lot of water-preventive paints available in the market. Though this is a short-term solution to protect the plywood and needs to be done regularly. One can surely rely on this for a short span. It is a cost-effective, short-lived way to avoid damage. Such paints won’t peel off or won’t float away and can serve as a good temporary solution. So, it can be used for outdoor furnishings. It is better to use them on door ends, cabinets, etc where it is easy to re-paint. The areas that cannot be painted again and again should be avoided.

   4. Varnishes

Varnishes refer to any resin or mixture that can be easily brushed on and forms a thin yet strong coating on the surface. It is a great way to seal the wood and prevent the water from damaging the ply. It gives a glossy finish to the wood surface and does not make any difference in the colour of the product.

Advantages of using Waterproof Plywood

Here are a few leading benefits of waterproof plywood:

  • Increased Durability

One of the major benefits of using waterproof plywood is the increased lifespan of the furnishings. Waterproof ply also helps to protect the kitchen windows and bathroom doors from water splashes and other harsh chemicals. This helps to keep the look of the wood intact and the waterproof coating helps to keep the shine of the furniture alive.

  • Termite free

Waterproof plywood is usually termite free and helps to prevent the bugs from destroying the wood. Exposure to moisture can be hazardous for any cabinet or wooden furnishing, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Using high-quality wood helps to stay carefree. Termite is a major cause of decreasing the value of the property also. By choosing good plywood, one can avoid this too.

  • Uniform and smooth surface

Waterproof plywood already has a smooth finish and nothing more needs to be done. It will surely enhance the look of the house and make the cabinets, doors, and almirahs look uniform and beautiful.


Prevention is always better than cure. There is a wide range of waterproof plywood available in the market in a lot of different sizes. You can choose as per your need. Everyone should go with waterproof plywood as it is a hassle-free solution to not just maintain the furniture but also to prevent termites.

Sainik 710 plywood is one of the best waterproof woods present out there. It provides a wide range of products in many sizes and colours. And the products are available online with a warranty of 8 years.

  1. One can surely adopt any of the above-listed methods to seal the plywood and protect it from water. But it is still better to go for a waterproof ply. As this will solve the real problem and will provide great safety to the wood makings.

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