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Continuous Improvement: How CenturyPromise Strives for Excellence in Everything We Do

As a consistent brand working towards innovation and customer satisfaction, CenturyPly has taken a step ahead to gain the complete trust of its customers by launching its all-new CenturyPromise App.

This application was designed for customers who want to know whether the product they buy is genuine or fake. With its programmatic creative service, the app provides numerous details to prove product genuineness through the embedded QR code on the product, an exotic initiative taken by this famous plywood manufacturer.

With the demand for plywood shooting up in today’s market, finding the perfect plywood among fake manufactured brands burdens the customer to choose genuine plywood.

Luckily, with the introduction of the CenturyPromise App, users can scan the QR code embedded in CenturyPly products to verify product authenticity. Then, the app shows a number of details, including the product name, date and location where the product was manufactured, specifications, etc., along with an e-guarantee certificate.

This way, customers can keep away from scams and fake products. Therefore, continue reading this blog to learn how Century Promise strives to process continuous excellence in all aspects!

A Promise of Quality from CenturyPromise

Here’s how the app can help save customers hard-earned money from investing in the wrong product and help identify the best quality plywood.

Product Details

Each CenturyPly product has different specifications. Therefore, customers can register with a mobile number, create a password, and then scan a QR code found on the product to obtain the plant name, size, product name, thickness, and unique code to understand the genuineness of the product.

2. Product Code History

The CenturyPromise app also allows users to check previous products scanned using the application for later access.

3. Downloadable e-Warranty Certificate

Upon verifying the details, customers can download this certificate as proof of authentication. Multiple downloads are allowed depending on the number of CenturyPly products purchased to be used for future reference.

A Promise of Long Lasting Beauty from CenturyPromise

The next step after verifying the products on the app is to know whether the features comply with the product since genuine products have been proven to thrive over fake ones for many years. Therefore, here are some features of CenturyPly’s plywood that are known to offer long-lasting beauty;

1. Excellent Strength

CenturyPly’s products are durable because they are premium products that cannot be broken easily. During the manufacturing stage, they are stacked together by various wood sheets with glue so that they can bear heavy weight without cracking or breaking.

2. Waterproof

Incorporating the standards of the BWP grade, they are engineered to be unreactive to water. Simply put, they cannot swell or shrink in water-prone areas.

3. Virus Resistance

With the Virokill Technology, 99.99% of bacteria, microbes, and viruses can be eliminated from the plywood surface to keep the house from oncoming attacks and keep it hygienic all around the clock.

4. Pest Proof

Most of CenturyPly’s plywood sheets are chemically treated, making them withstand termite and borer attacks. This increases the longevity of the product as it prevents these insects from sitting on the plywood.

A Promise of Awareness about the CenturyPromise App apart from these initiatives of innovation to build customer trust and add value to their money, the CenturyPromise App has taken yet another innovative stride towards creating a new digital video to create consumer awareness about this app and how can it be used to check all CenturyPly’s products for authenticity.

It’s a short film, starring June Malia and Rajat Kapoor, the two renowned actors who, with their ability to gain admiration and attract attention have spread the word to invest in CenturyPly products without worrying about turning a blind eye to its authenticity. This video captured the target audience and made them aware of this pioneering advancement of the forerunner of the wood panel industry- CenturyPly.


With such a constant progression of the CenturyPromise App towards quality checks and making customer investment safe, one can be assured without a doubt that partnering with this leading firm for home renovations can keep the house beautiful and protected for many years. For additional information be sure to visit the official CenturyPly website.

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