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Contribute to Interior Hygiene with Antimicrobial Products

Making sure the interiors of your home or office area are safe and sound is one of the prerequisites of a safe and healthy environment. After all, you want to make certain that the materials used for construction and interior decoration does not serve as a cause for concern that is going to leave you sick and suffering. As a result, there is a special kind of plywood that has been engineered by CenturyPly with the thought of obtaining products that come with antimicrobial properties.

How does this technology work to your advantage?

Century plywood that comes with antimicrobial properties makes use of specifically designed nanoparticles. This is based on self doctoring surface treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (A-4) complete safety protection mechanism. Based on this, a wide variety of plywood and laminates are manufactured. By nature, these particles are antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial in nature. This technology is known as ViroKill. The nanoparticles are highly energized and activated in nature. As a result, they physically rupture and destroy microbes that come in contact with it by the use of a contact killing mechanism. This ultimately means the surface stays hygienic and safe.

The features it comes with

These antimicrobial and antibacterial products come with an array of features. The plywood also has superior strength, is higly durable and resilient. Other than this, they are also borer and termite-proof, boiling waterproof as well as warp and bend proof. The raw materials used are non-hazardous, making the products completely safe for the buyer, seller and user.

You can use it for an array of purposes

With ViroKill laminates, you can choose to design a lot of products. This includes high-end wood panels in the living room, a plywood TV stand, a coffee table, even a statement plywood bookshelf, a bedside drawer as well as a resilient dining table. Other than this, antiviral plywood can also be used to make counters, kitchen cabinets, bed frames, sofas, shoe racks, closets as well as photo frames and can be finished with a gorgeous laminate sheet. In this way, you know that it is adaptable to all of these products and is safe and sound for you to use as well.

Additional features of this material

This material is thermostable in nature. In this way, you know that it is not going to react to normal heat just like it is non-reactive to humidity, sunlight, and moisture. Moreover, the nanoparticles are embedded in the polymer matrix system which makes the viroKill properties non-leachable. This gives you the assurance that your furniture as well as other surfaces are not prone to microbes, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

So there you go, it is in this way that you can use these antimicrobial products to your advantage in the best way possible. Now that you are aware of this, go ahead and contribute to interior hygiene with these antimicrobial products.

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