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Crucial Tips on Purchasing Your First Ever Mountain Cycle

Finding your first mountain cycle might seem difficult because different models and pricing are available. There are several essential points to remember to ensure you receive the most value for your money.

Cycling is a terrific method to stay active while commuting and can assist you in keeping a social distance. The majority of people who are reading this should get persuaded by this concept, but there are a few things you need to know before purchasing a new cycle. As a result, we have meticulously compiled a list of items to consider before purchasing a cycle. Let us go through it one by one!

The right size

All other considerations are secondary to choosing the appropriate size. If you buy the wrong size, you will not be comfortable with it, and if you are not comfortable, you might develop joint pain and uneasiness during the trip. After investing in your favourite bicycle, you would not want this to happen to you. So, go to your preferred electric cycle company and check for the saddle, pedal position, handlebar height, and frame size before proceeding with payment.

There are ways to find your measurement for each type. Calculate your body measurements, such as your height, hips, and legs, and you can figure out an ideal e-cycle. Online frame charts can also help you to get the ideal cycle size for your adventure.

The perfect wheel size

The choice between choosing larger hoops for long distances or smaller, stronger ones for tearing up trails persists largely unchanged for the time being. Hardtails can benefit greatly from plus sizes but are susceptible to tire wear.

Hardtail versus full suspension

In-built suspension is a feature found on the great majority of mountain cycles. It aids in rolling over rough terrain, maintaining a grip on climbs and downhills, and absorbing forces after landing drops or jumps.

You can traverse difficult terrain faster and with more assurance thanks to them. In general, hardtails are a fantastic pick for cross-country biking and the bulk of trail centre biking since they are capable of scaling and are effective at pedalling. For many people trying to get their first cycle without blowing a lot of money, they are frequently a more inexpensive alternative.

The right frame material

Mountain cycle frames are most frequently made of aluminium because it provides an excellent blend of durability, weight, and price. A carbon frame outfitted with a budget kit will almost never ride superior to an aluminium cycle with superior specifications.

For Mtb cycles, some brands frequently employ steel since it is readily accessible, simple to work with, and allows for the creation of tubes with thinner walls and smaller diameters while maintaining the same level of strength.

One of the popular phrases used to “upsell” to cycle consumers for a long time is carbon. It is partially justified since designers have almost endless control over the designs of the frames and riding qualities when using carbon fibre.

Choose the Right Bike Gear

You will find many types of gear in the market. While some cycles provide a single gear, some can provide more than that. Depending upon the cranks, cogs, and chainrings, the gears can become more complicated. If you are planning for a cycle ride in the hills, you should opt for the one that provides the most gear. Remember, the more uneven the terrain is, the higher the gear will be. 


Knowing the cycle’s shelf life is very crucial before investing. To know that, you need to know the basics of the frame material. Cycles come in aluminium, steel, carbon fibre, titanium, and other forms, which play an important role in determining a cycle’s longevity. Analyze which cycle can best serve your needs and last the longest before finalizing your pick-up. There are umpteen cycles for women and men in India, hope this guide will help you to select your perfect fit.

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