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Crucial Tips to Attempt Maximum Questions in Government Exams

Government Exams

Candidates spend days and nights studying for clearing even the first tier of the government exam. But only a few candidates manage to get their names on the list of shortlisted candidates. If we consider the exact reason behind this then, we come to know that besides knowledge, the candidate’s ability to attempt the paper also matters. As we know that a candidate who attempts the maximum number of questions in government exams will get shortlisted for the next round. But it is not easy to do so even after you know the answers to each and every question.

The expert team members have set a very short time limit for the candidates to attempt the paper. The nervousness and a lack of time management skills hamper so many candidates from achieving the desirable scores in the exams.  Don’t worry! If you are struggling with attempting the paper on time with 100% accuracy. We will get you some tips that can help you attempt the paper on time with the utmost efficiency. 

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Attempt maximum questions in government exams with the help of the tips mentioned below:

Understand the Question 

A right answer is expected from you only when you have comprehended the question correctly. If you understood the question incorrectly in the rush to attempt the paper then, get ready to face negative marking. Therefore, understand the question first, eliminating every confusion as examiners often use the trickiest way to ask the simple answer sometimes. Only after understanding the question correctly, move on to marking the right answer. 

Previous Year’s Question Paper

Get some previous year’s question papers on your smartphone to get familiarized with the basic pattern and basics of the exam. No matter how busy you are, always spare 15 minutes to practice the previous year’s question papers as these will give you an awareness of the crux that you have to learn while studying. Never ignore the value of the last year’s papers in the hustle to study so many books. 

Avoid Spending Too Much Time on a Single Question

Well, if you keep on spending too much time even on a single question then, giving time to other questions will become very strenuous for you. Remember, time flies fast while doing something very important. Therefore, prepare a strategy for solving all the questions on time by setting aside a time slot for every question. Do your best in giving time to every question of the exam. 

Eat breakfast

Well, you must never enter the examination hall with an empty stomach. Many candidates believe that taking the exam on empty stomach improves concentration. Therefore, they must eat food only after attempting the paper. Well, that’s a complete misconception. The experts say that students must eat their breakfast before taking any exam to improve their efficiency and speed. Therefore, before you take the actual exam, have a healthy breakfast. 


You must set the limitations of the exam preparations by pasting the syllabus on the wall of your study room. Understand that the syllabus is a list that sets the boundaries of your exam preparations by stating the topics that you have to understand in order to crack the exams. Study each topic with dedication and clear all doubts with the help of the teachers or youtube. Please don’t download the syllabus randomly from any inauthentic website. Chose the authentic website to download the syllabus and notice the date mentioned on the syllabus before following it.

Mock tests 

Last but not least, work hard on improving your speed of attempting the exam by practicing mock tests daily for 15 minutes. This will improve your paper-attempting speed by improving your reading skills and the ability to understand the questions quickly. 

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Well, there is no doubt that one must gain knowledge in order to crack the exams with the desirable scores. But they should also focus on upgrading themselves with some exceptional paper-attempting skills to complete the paper on time.

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