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Door Maintenance 101: 6 Simple Steps to Keep Your Doors Looking And Functioning Like New

Apart from being protective, doors play an important role in any property, providing a glimpse of what lies inside the residential space. They complement the entire space and act as a personal statement for many homeowners. Moreover, in the eyes of guests who will enter the house, the look of the door can make or break the best impression about the entire house. Therefore, keeping them clean is essential to avoid damage and replacement so that unnecessary spending can be avoided and their strength and beauty are retained for many years to keep the aesthetics of your interiors alive. Scroll through this blog from CenturyPly for tips on maintaining doors to cherish a beautiful home for many years!

Is Maintaining a Door Necessary?

As a homeowner, doors might appear to be an insignificant object in a household. However, that’s not the case because doors play a major role in providing the incoming outsiders a sense of welcoming warmth to enter a house apart from protecting your privacy. Moreover, maintaining proper doors can enhance the efficiency of keeping the house safe so that it doesn’t get damaged by cracks, humidity, dust, and pests, thereby increasing its longevity and functionality.

Nevertheless, in today’s advanced world, door manufacturing is not limited to wood; it is available in different materials. Hence, each has its own maintenance criteria. For instance, maintenance criteria for flush doors might not be the same as for steel doors. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you read the instruction manual for maintaining the doors (if provided) and keeping them as good as new for a long time. All CenturyPly products have this manual attached when purchasing doors.

6 Timeless and Fundamental Tips to Retain the Original Beauty of Doors

Ensure to be aware of these six simple tips to keep the original beauty and functionality of the door for many years;

  1. Regularly Clean Dust Accumulation

Just like how dust accumulation is cleaned in other parts of a house, cleaning it from the doors is also essential. It might sound trivial, but if accumulated, it can start eating the door material over time, thereby deteriorating aesthetics. Moreover, no guest would want to enter through a dust-laden door. Therefore, ensure that the doors are cleaned routinely.

  1. Tighten the Door Regularly

Since doors are highly swung back and forth, the small mechanical parts can loosen over time due to the pressure applied to them. Therefore, it’s best to have a wrench or screwdriver handy to tighten them regularly every two months. This can help improve the door’s durability. Moreover, grease and lubricate the moving joints to avoid rust and wear out due to friction, thereby avoiding the squeaky noises. If these are not rectified early, the door can lose balance, creating greater damage and investment to repair it.

  1. Keep an Eye on Minor Damages

Each door material experiences unique wear and tear over many years of use. The first damage that might arise if the door becomes old due to constant hits and shocks is the development of cracks and small dents. Secondly, if any weather stripping is used, ensure complete replacement as it can be damaged by constant rubbing with the floor. Therefore, don’t try to mend these issues by yourself. Rather, call a professional to get it done to avoid any further damage.

  1. Repair and Replace Damaged Locks

Door locks also feel the same impact as the door and are prone to damage. While checking the lock quality might sound insignificant, in the long run, some issues might arise. Get help from professionals to get it checked and replaced to remain safe and retain the door’s durability. For instance, replacing an old-style lock with the latest upgrade can help improve the door’s overall look and avoid possible threats.

  1. Repaint Doors

Repainting the doors is the best solution to make them weatherproof and complete the room decor. If wooden doors are installed, painting them annually and scrubbing off the old paint may be a suitable option to keep the door last longer.

  1. Use Mild Cleansers

Dirt, grime, and smudges appear easily on the door surface if not cleaned routinely. However, if detergents containing chemicals are used, they might not be conducive to cleaning all the doors. For instance, if they are used on veneer doors, the door designs might be destroyed and might require a complete replacement. Therefore, it’s best to avoid highly reactive chemicals while cleaning doors. Instead, use natural products like vinegar, lemon, and essential oils with water to clean the germs away!


Caring for a door might significantly change every homeowner’s regular lifestyle. However, keeping it in good shape increases its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and the entire home’s value. Therefore, be extra careful, as this is the first thing people notice when getting the best impression of the entire house!

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