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Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are one of the most important motorcycle safety gear. A helmet becomes indispensable whether you embark on an extended tour or a day trip with your friends. They can prevent injuries to the face, head and brain and minimise the impact of a crash to a great extent.

However, many people get confused about which kind of helmet they should buy. So here we bring you a detailed guide about the different types of helmets available in the market and their various features.

Six Different Types Of Helmets A Motorcyclist Can Choose From

At times riders ignore the helmet with the excuse that it’s too hot or that they are just travelling a small distance, so they do not require a helmet. Helmets provide you with safety, so you need to wear a helmet no matter how short the distance or hot the weather is. Choose a helmet that offers the best comfort according to your needs.

Full Face Helmets

As evident by the name, full-face helmets provide complete coverage. They cover the head, face and neck. They come with a visor that protects the front and a chin bin that keeps the helmet secured on the head. Full-face helmets are heavy, yet they provide enough ventilation. They keep the head cool during summer and warm during winter. These helmets are best for long rides as they also decrease the outside sounds, which some riders enjoy as it lets them fully concentrate on the road and enjoy the ride.

New updates to the full-face helmets are Bluetooth, photochromic visors that look like regular clear visors when indoors but darken while adjusting to sunlight, thus protecting the eyes from UV rays.

Half Face Helmets

These helmets are also known as three-fourths helmets or open-face helmets. While covering the head and neck, they expose the face. Therefore, riders can feel the breeze on their faces when they speed on the road. But the downside of such helmets is that dirt and debris can also fly into your eyes and face during a ride. The chin bar is also not a part of these helmets.

Therefore, it might not prevent facial injuries in case of an accident. Some of these helmets have full or half visors. You can also buy the visors separately according to your preference, as it protects from sunlight. Half-face helmets are suitable for summer and small-distance travelling.

Half Shell helmets

As the name shows, these helmets do not cover the face, neck or jaw. It covers the head until the ears; therefore, they come relatively cheaper than the two mentioned above. Most riders prefer the half-shell helmets for shorter riders within the city, but they should be avoided. These helmets do not provide much safety on highways because everything except the top of the head is left exposed. The lack of a visor can cause dust particles, debris, or raindrops to easily come on your face during rides.

Modular or Flip-up Helmets

The modular helmets consist of a hinge which allows the chin bar to move up and down. Therefore, they can be adjusted as per the biker’s preference. However, these helmets weigh more than full-face helmets but do very well in terms of safety.

Flip-up helmets work best for those who want the best of both full-face and half-face helmets. What you need to keep in mind while purchasing a modular helmet is the quality of the build. The hinges and bolts might come loose after prolonged usage, so you must keep checking them regularly. These helmets are loved by bikers who do not like the suffocation of full-face helmets but do not want to compromise their safety.

Off-road or Motocross Helmets

As the name suggests, these helmets are made specifically for the off-road Motocross racing sport. They come with an extended chin bar and a longer visor, enabling good airflow. Its sole purpose is to make the riders comfortable during long rides. Motocross helmets are light and durable as they are made with materials such as carbon fibre, kevlar and fibreglass. You can pair these visorless helmets with sunnies to keep your eyes protected during off-the-road journeys.

Dual Sport Helmets

Considered one of the favourite BMW bike accessories, the dual sport helmets provide the external protection of an off-road helmet and the comfort of a full-face helmet. With a wide opening for uninterrupted vision, good airflow and a visor that protects from dust particles and debris while adjusting to sunlight, this helmet is a dynamic choice.

Even though a little on the expensive side, dual sport helmets are preferred by professionals as they provide what an ideal helmet should do; protect, give comfort, and add style to the entire bike look.


Whether you own a fancy new BMW bike which comes with superb safety features or a regular road bike, a helmet is a must. Now that you know the six different types of motorcycle helmets out there and their characteristics, choose the one that meets your needs best. Remember to always wear a helmet no matter how short a ride you take for your safety as well as for others.

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