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Experience The Activities In Goa



Goa is a state on India’s southwestern coast in the Konkan area, bordered by the Deccan highlands by the Western Ghats. It is bounded to the north by the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, and to the east and south by the Arabian Sea. Panaji is the official capital of Goa, and Vasco da Gama is the largest city there.


By virtue of its pristine beaches, lively nightlife, places of devotion, and World Heritage-listed culture, Goa welcomes a significant number of local and international visitors each year. It also possesses a diversified flora and fauna due to its close proximity to the North Western Ghats rainforests, one of the world’s major ecological regions.



There are many adventures and activities to do in Goa, some of them which are Bungee Jumping, Dudhsagar Falls and Spice Plantation Tour, Kayaking, Parasailing, and likewise.

Water activities are a popular attraction for tourists in Goa. Jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides, and other activities can be enjoyed at beaches such as Baga and Calangute.

Best Time To Visit Goa

During the months of November to February, it is the ideal time to visit Goa. The weather in the party capital is refreshingly cool and comfortable during these months. It’s the ideal time to unwind on the beaches and enjoy ourselves. One should make a trip of at least five days to enjoy this night city.

Goa Tour Package

Visiting Goa will be one of the most enjoyable tours ever. Here are some of the packages to Goa listed below:-


Package Duration Amount (Rs.)
Goa Tour Package  6 days / 5 nights Rs. 20,700
Goa Tour Package with adventures 8 days / 7 nights Rs. 35,900
Goa Sunshine Package 6 days / 5 nights Rs. 22,700
Luxury – Goa Package 7 days / 6 nights Rs. 33,900

Activities In Goa

Goa is an amazing beauty in West India, bursting with vibrant landscapes and nightlife. There are numerous activities and adventures that Goa offers:- 

Grand Island Goa Scuba Diving

A holiday tour to Goa is incomplete without experiencing The Grand Island Scuba Diving. Goa offers the best scuba diving activity with its clean water and marine life. The dive duration is around fifteen to twenty minutes with an approximate cost of around Rs. 2,000 per person. The activity covers a distance of around 3 kilometers. One, if lucky, can also spot dolphins and other beautiful marine life during the activity.


The best location in Goa for paragliding is in Anjuna, Goa. It can take place for fifteen-twenty  minutes as well as ten-twelve minutes depending upon the package. This activity costs around Rs 1,500 per person. The altitude covered during this activity is 1000 feet. Flying over the spectacular views and taking in the majesty of the villages, coastlines, rivers, and woodland countryside beneath your feet. Motorized paragliding permits adventurers to accomplish their fantasy of hovering high by employing a backpack, fuel tank, motor, and propeller.


The Kayaking activity is one of most popular hangout spots. Baga creek is one of the most popular hangout destinations, situated close to the Baga beach, which has a long tidal part. This site is ideal for exciting activities, as it provides several breathtaking views, clean water, and a wealth of opportunities. Go for a fun kayaking session that allows you to enjoy a healthy trip on the water in a raft boat. It costs around Rs. 1,500 per person.


It is well-known for a number of sports, one of which is parasailing. Parasailing is a sporting activity in which an individual is towed behind a boat while linked to a specially designed canopy wing, known as a parasail wing, that mimics a parachute. The activity duration is half an hour. It costs around Rs.1,700 per person. The permissible weight in parasailing is 100 kilograms.

Todo Waterfall

The trip to Todo is one of the most thrilling excursions available. This little waterfall is situated in the center of Netravali’s dense jungles and getting there may be quite an experience. The trip is simple to accomplish and is one of the top Goa adventure activities for beginners and first-timers. It is a delight for the trekkers out holidaying in Goa. The gorgeous path not only takes you directly through to the interior of the Netravali woods, but it also crosses a few streams and waterfalls along the way.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is regarded as one of the world’s most extreme adventure sports. Hold on tight because this adventure sport will get your adrenaline pumping as you watch yourself fall. In addition, while you prepare for this exhilarating adventure, take in the panoramic views of the rich flora. Feel the thrill run through your veins as you free-fall from a height of 63 meters. It takes around an hour and has an expenditure of around Rs.3,000 per person.

Banana Boat Riding

Banana Boating is one of the friendlier adventure activities that everyone may do. Hanging on to an inflated banana-shaped tube as it whizzes over the water is the activity. This enjoyable activity is typically attempted in groups and is ideal for a family outing. It costs around Rs.2,500 and the activity duration is twenty minutes.


Goa offers the best activities and is a beautiful state in the Indian Territory. A visit will always be memorable and full of fun and excitement.

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