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Experience The Best Of The Trek- Everest Base Camp Trek



Here we are going to share an incredible lesson we learned. An experience we have after the Everest Base Camp journey. So there was  18000 feet above sea level. A gorgeous morning view got a for to come up here right is Mount Everest. We were hiking into base camp. So this is a long long valley down there that came up all the way through that we had been trekking for days. 


This trek to Everest was a very important journey for us. Although the trek to Everest base camp is also known as the EBC trek. It is somewhat crowded, in our humble opinion. It was one of the most incredible experiences anyone can have. We hope you could understand the thrill and adventure of the beauty that Nepal has to offer. 


The Trek

Trekking to Everest is a life-challenging experience. For 12 days, you are surrounded by the highest mountains in the world. Nepal and its people were wonderful, they were friendly and welcoming. Just as climbing Everest or any of the other peaks like Manaslu, Annapurna, etc. Trekking the EBC contributes to the local economy which is so very important for Nepal.



Definitely, those views just totally amazed me and motivated me to go all the way to base camp. It was magnificent meaning almost magical. The last day of climbing was so amazing. We were climbing up to 500p meters just from lack of limit fixation climb. Then going back down but the views were here just spectacular truly magnificent. 


Now we had arrived at the summit of this mountain called Nagarjun. It was five thousand one hundred meters almost seventeenth thousand feet. We were crossing the valley the next day and we were going to the local shay. We were a little bit fatigued. You will be very excited and looking forward to its beautiful hike not too steep. We were back from there just a great day again we were so lucky with the weather. 



The mountains had been really good to us and we were just gonna keep on going down the valley. I washed arrows the Sun right was right behind us. There was the perfect blue sky that’s why no rainfall and no snowfall it was just immaculate weather. We had been really lucky so down the little tiny village and we had been checking for about two hours, two and half hours. 


Here was the evidence of you cold weather we were having his moving water can freeze all of it anyway there is a splash. Tula, there were memorials of trekkers and climbers that died along the way.


This was very barren, we were obviously way above the treeline. We were very high 4800 meters and this was the day walking towards the base camp of Mount Everest old. All were tired, exhausted a little bit of altitude sickness and a cold but it was all worth it. 


The beauty of this Trek

This was so incredibly beautiful. We were on our final keg to Everest base camp, we had about three hours to go until we can reach our dream three hours. All were exhausted but it was majestic. Now finally we were in the Mount Everest base camp for eight days to come here. And now we were standing in front of Mount Everest what an incredible experience life-changing. We can never forget it.




The last and most important thing is to inform yourself and your group members about the effects of altitude and AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ). Early symptoms from 2500 m can include a strong headache, and you need to stop climbing. Start descending immediately if you experience dizziness, shortness of breath while resting in, nausea, or exhaustion in addition to the headache.


AMS can lead to HAPE ( high altitude pulmonary edema) or HACE ( high altitude cerebral edema), which are both life-threatening, but usually only occur at very high altitudes. Aside from finding a good backpack to carry everything in your backpack. 


It is an absolute must that you also have an easy access bag, like a bumbag, for all those things you will be needed easy access to like your phone, chapstick, tissues, money, permits, snacks, cameras, etc.


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