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Experience the Strength of Our Fire Resistant Plywood in Your Home.

It is common knowledge that wood is a flammable material. When extensively used in our homes, there will always be a probability of our homes catching fire. Hence, a lot of people are hesitant about the use of plywood for homes. However, with the advent of modern technologies and innovations, this risk has been greatly mitigated thanks to firewall technology.

Firewall technology, as the name suggests, provides protection to the plywood against catching fire quickly. This technology essentially raises the heating point of the wood so that the wood does not catch fire easily. One such pioneer of firewall technology is the CenturyPly plywood company.

CenturyPly is the best plywood manufacturer that offers a wide range of products. Including plywood for the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and so on. All these rooms are different from each other, thus, in every room, a different type of plywood has to be used. For bathrooms, there is waterproof and water-resistant plywood and for kitchens, there is plywood that is manufactured using the firewall technology.


The Features of Firewall Technology

There are numerous features of CenutryPly firewall technology, some of which are mentioned below.

  • IS 5509 compliant

There are many products in the market that claim to have fire-resistance properties. However, only a few of them have the IS 5509 compliant certificate, which is the highest fire safety standard certificate. This certificate is given to only those products that are tested to have the highest fire-retardant properties.


  • ASTM E84 standard

ASTM stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials and is the plywood product standard set by Americans. This standard is globally recognized and considered to be the highest there is. The testing is very rigorous and only a few global brands have been able to achieve it.


  • Nanoparticles embedded to increase the fire-resistant properties

Wood is a highly flammable material that is susceptible to getting ignited. With firewall technology, the CenturyPly plywood gets a very high ignition point. This means that the plywood will be able to resist the fire for a very long time, by this time the flame will get extinguished itself. This property allows the people to have enough time to evacuate or put out the fire before it gets worse.


  • Significant low toxic smoke

The majority of the deaths in a house fire are caused by suffocation and inhaling the toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide that come off from the burning plywood. However, with the use of firewall technology, Centuryply plywood emits a very low amount of these gases so that you can survive till help arrives.

This is due to the plywood being manufactured using special chemicals that not only give the plywood fire-resistant properties but also when lit on fire emit a very insignificant amount of toxic smoke.


  • The structure of the home remains intact in the event of a fire

Another cause of death in a house fire is that people get stuck due to the fire breaking the plywood and blocking the exit points. There is an even greater risk of a heavy beam of supporting wood breaking and coming down crashing your head and rendering you unconscious. Hence, it is crucial that the structural integrity of the house remains intact during the event of a fire.

And that is exactly what is delivered by CenturyPly’s firewall technology. Their plywood uses special adhesive chemicals that give the plywood extra strength and enables the plywood to remain intact in the event of a fire breakout in a home.


Final Overview

To sum up, CenturyPly manufactures the most trusted and reliable fire-retardant plywood and offers the best safety for your home and family. They incorporate the best technology in their plywood to make their customer’s homes secure.


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