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Exploring Fort Myers: Must-Visit Spots for a Perfect Getaway

Fort Myers

Welcome to the travel guide for Fort Myers, Florida. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the best things to do in this historic yet trendy tourist hot spot. From delicious seafood and afternoon tea to breathtaking views and beach relaxation, Fort Myers has it all.

Brunch at Bullig: A Scratch Kitchen:

Start your day at Bullig, a cozy breakfast and brunch spot located next to the Butterfly Estates on Fowler Street. Indulge in their delicious German-inspired dishes, such as the Shoshone Waffle or the roast beef sandwich. Enjoy your meal in the tropical garden patio and savor the flavors with a cup of their amazing coffee.

Explore the Sydney and Burn Davis Art Center:

Just a short distance away from Bullig, you’ll find the Sydney and Burn Davis Art Center. Check out their exhibits or attend one of the rooftop events, which offer stunning views of the city. Beat the heat by enjoying a drink at the rooftop bar and immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene.

Visit the Burroughs Home and Gardens:

Immerse yourself in history at the Burroughs Home and Gardens, a popular attraction in downtown Fort Myers. This 6,000-square-foot mansion was frequented by notable figures like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Charles Lindbergh. Take a guided tour and explore the beautiful gardens that surround the estate.

Izzy’s Fish and Oyster Bar: Seafood Delights:

Head to Izzy’s Fish and Oyster Bar, located just a block away from the art center. Indulge in their weekday happy hour specials and enjoy their flavorful craft cocktails. Treat yourself to a seafood tower, filled with fresh oysters, shrimp, and ceviche. The vibrant atmosphere and delicious food will leave you wanting more.

Stroll Through Historic Downtown Fort Myers:

Take a leisurely walk through the historic downtown area, where you’ll find a plethora of restaurants, shops, and architectural gems. Explore the cobblestone streets, admire the Spanish-inspired buildings, and immerse yourself in the rich history of the area.

Shop at Spirit of the Earth Rockshop:

If you’re a fan of gemstones and unique jewelry, don’t miss a visit to Spirit of the Earth Rockshop. Browse through their extensive collection of stones, including Megalodon teeth and various jewelry pieces. Take home a special keepsake from your Fort Myers adventure.

Rooftop Happy Hour at Sky Bar:

Head to Sky Bar, located on the rooftop of the historic Firestone building, for a delightful happy hour experience. Enjoy panoramic views of the river and downtown area while sipping on well-crafted cocktails. Don’t miss their famous bow buns, a great deal at just four dollars each.

Experience the Old Soul Airbnb:

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay, check out the Old Soul Airbnb. Located in downtown Fort Myers’ River District, this studio rental offers modern features while preserving its historical charm. Relax in the spacious king-size bed, enjoy the provided records on the vintage record player, and soak in the character of this 1912 home.

Explore the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve:

Venture to the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, located southeast of downtown Fort Myers. Walk along the boardwalk trails and immerse yourself in nature. Keep an eye out for wildlife, including alligators and otters. The preserve offers a serene escape from the city and is perfect for a nature-filled adventure.

Discover the Colusa Nature Center and Planetarium:

Step into the world of nature at the Colusa Nature Center and Planetarium. Explore their exhibits showcasing various animals and learn about the wonders of the universe in their planetarium. Take a stroll through their trails and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Indulge in Afternoon Tea at Wisteria:

Treat yourself to a traditional afternoon tea experience at Wisteria Tea Room and Cafe. Located in a historical home, this English-style tea room offers a Southern flair. Delight in a three-tiered tray filled with savory sandwiches, scones, creams, and delectable desserts. Sip on unlimited tea as you relax in the charming atmosphere.

Visit the Edison Ford Winter Estates:

Discover the iconic Edison Ford Winter Estates, where inventor Thomas Edison once resided. Explore the beautifully preserved homes, gardens, and museum dedicated to the legacies of Edison and Henry Ford. Learn about their contributions to science and technology while admiring the stunning architecture and lush surroundings.

Enjoy Cocktails with a View at The Beacon:

Take in breathtaking views of downtown Fort Myers and the river at The Beacon Social Drinkery. Located on the rooftop of the Luminary Hotel, this chic and trendy spot offers a selection of small plates, flatbreads, and desserts. Sip on refreshing cocktails while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and panoramic vistas.

Unwind at Bunch Beach:

Escape to the sandy shores of Bunch Beach, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the San Carlos Bay. Take a dip in the refreshing water, stroll along the coast, or simply bask in the sun. Enjoy the tranquility and take in the stunning views of Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island.

Dine at LYNQ Restaurant:

End your Fort Myers adventure with a delicious dinner at LYNQ Restaurant. Indulge in their extensive menu featuring seafood, steaks, tacos, noodles, and sushi. Experience the trendy and vibrant ambiance while savoring the flavors of their diverse cuisine.


Fort Myers offers a perfect blend of history, nature, culinary delights, and relaxation. From exploring museums and enjoying rooftop views to indulging in delightful afternoon tea and experiencing the beautiful beaches, there’s something for everyone in this charming city. Plan your trip to Fort Myers and create lasting memories in this unforgettable destination.

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