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Guide to Beginners Way of Learning Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the business world, all for a good reason. AI is a powerful technology helping firms to acquire their goals and targets. That’s why businesses demand experts in artificial intelligence.

The scope of artificial intelligence is quite high. In AI, you can develop speech recognition machines, language detection machines, computer vision, expert systems, robotics, etc. Hence given its scope, applications and career opportunities 2023 seems the right time to learn AI.

Are you a fresh college graduate and looking forward to learning AI? Do you think AI is too complex or difficult to learn? Well, this is what we shall explore here in this article. By the end of the blog post, you will have learned how to start learning AI for beginners. And whether or not Ai is tough to learn.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term used to describe computer systems that can perform tasks automatically without human intervention. Today, computers can perform innovative tasks via specialized technology. Artificial Intelligence is that technology. Ai tools are used to execute tasks like visual perception, speech recognition, or language translation.

Is Artificial Intelligence hard to learn?

Well, it is hard to learn artificial intelligence, especially if you are a beginner in this field. AI is one of the leading fields in technology. AI tools function with many updates. So, artificial intelligence might be challenging to learn. However, you need not get overwhelmed by the answer. Artificial Intelligence is inherently complex and so it is normal that learning it takes a lot of hard work and patience.

Best Way to Learn AI for Beginners?

In this portion of the article, we shall explore the easiest ways to learn AI. Beginners must stick to the points mentioned below.

  1. Learn the basics

The best way to begin learning artificial intelligence is to learn the basics. AI basics include algorithms, data structures, and logic. Several online resources help beginners master the basics. Free online platforms like Udacity & Coursera help you learn an introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Upgrade your solutions

The best way to learn AI is to use and work on more data. Once you have a clear foundation in artificial intelligence, it’s time to start improving your solutions. Try to use more data and apply different algorithms to the same problem set.

  1. Build a project

Now that you know AI basics, it’s high time to ways to build your projects. You can choose to work on personal projects or Kaggle competitions. Remember, for building an AI project, you need to know actual & training datasets. Ai projects help you tackle complex problems.

  1. Stay up to date

You are a beginner in the Artificial intelligence domain and hence it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest industry news and developments. AI aspirants who know modern updates get to understand what’s going on in the field. It also offers you unique ideas for AI projects to work on.

  1. Take an Artificial Intelligence course

This is one of the best ways to learn artificial intelligence. As a beginner in AI, you should take a specialist course on artificial intelligence. The online course helps you improve what you already know about artificial intelligence. Moreover, the courses are the best way to gain the technical skills necessary to work with it in the modern workplace. You can enroll for Online Certification in Applied Data Science, Machine Learning and Edge AI By E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati that can help you grasp the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

  1. Use Machine Learning Profilers

By the time you have completed the 4th step, AI projects get more complex. So, you have to rely on machine learning profilers like MXNet profiler, Tensorflow profiler, and Jupyterlab profiler. ML profilers are tools that identify which parts of your code that take the most time for execution. Machine learning profilers help AI learn to improve the speed and efficiency of algorithms.

  1. Practice is the Key

The final step is to practice, practice, and practice more. Beginners in AI can improve their skills through practice. You can begin with coding AI algorithms in Python or R. Gradually, move towards applying coding and programming skills to solve real-world problems.

How Long Does It Take You to Learn Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a domain that demands constant practice. AI can’t be learned overnight. It is a course that takes time. Learning AI may take you 5 to 6 months. Give yourselves 6 months and you can master the foundational concepts of artificial intelligence. Some of the concepts in AI are Data Science, TensorFlow frameworks, NLP applications, & Artificial Neural Networks.

However, you might have to give more time to learn AI if you want to absorb advanced artificial intelligence concepts like Unsupervised machine learning, Reinforcement learning, and Deep learning.


Learning AI is tough and easy as well. You have to take the learning process slow and steady. Never force yourselves to learn everything at once. Invest little hard work and a little dedication to master AI. You can also enroll for the courses offered by The IoT Academy for exploring AI in detail.

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