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How Do You Promote B2b Webinars For An It Solution?

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Like other webinars, marketing B2B webinars for an IT company also requires a well-planned strategy, efforts, and a few tactics. To gain as many leads as possible, you need to play a game of promotion. Before starting your promotion campaigns, you need to consider a few things, like how much you will spend on promotions. Which message will hit your attendees? Which activities will keep them engaged during the webinar and many more things like these? 

In this blog, we will explore some tips and tactics for the promotions of a webinar. You should also follow these tips to get the right leads for your IT company. 

So without wasting more time, let us get started.


  • Choose a topic that can grab attendees’ attention:

It is well-accepted that today, we use Google to know more about everything we like. For example, a sports lover will Google for sports-related news and activities. A food enthusiast will browse Google for new recipes or food-related knowledge. Similarly, attendees related to the IT field or employees of an IT company will research the internet for technology-related updates, news, and knowledge. Although, it is a little challenging to find attendees for IT B2B webinars. But it is not impossible. With the right topic, you can reach out to targeted attendees. 


  • Set registration and attendees goals:

For a result-driven promotional or marketing strategy, setting goals is essential. Set a specific number for targeted registration and check the performance regularly. You can track performance every week. It will let you know whether your marketing tactics are working or not. Moreover, if you did not hit your registration goals, you can change your existing promotion strategy. 

 Similarly, you can set goals for the number of attendees. Research says only 25% of total registrants sign up for the webinar. So, keeping this data in mind, set your registration goals. 


  • Select the right time and day for promoting your webinar:

Promotion at the right time and on the right day drives more registrations. According to research, 50% of attendees do registration a week before the webinar. So, start doing promotions as early as possible. Moreover, it has been seen that most attendees register themselves for the webinar in the morning on Wednesdays or Thursdays. So to get more registrations, make sure you do your major promotions on these two days. You should avoid promoting a webinar on Mondays and Fridays, as most companies hold meetings on these days.


  • Take advantage of paid media:

You can use paid ads to increase organic traffic for your webinar. Furthermore, use SEO-optimized keywords on Google that are related to the content of your webinar to drive more registration.


  • Partnership with another brand:

It is one of the best ways of promoting your B2B IT-based webinar. You can partner with other known IT brands. This collaboration will give different perspectives from the two brands to the audiences.


  • Create an informative and attractive landing page:

Landing pages play a crucial role in webinar performance. Usually, organizers do not invest their time and effort in landing pages. But as discussed earlier, these are essential for a successful webinar. Because these are like small windows from where attendees can get to look inside and know what is being sold in the shop. Attendees will first land on landing pages to find out more about the webinar. Your landing page should be attractive. It should have all the details, like the date, time, and day of the webinar. Furthermore, you should also incorporate the speaker’s bio and the importance of attending the webinar. Tweak the title of the webinar with the advantage-oriented title. Do not forget to put a link or URL to the registration form on the landing page.


  • Send emails saying thank you for the registration:

You can also email thank you messages to the audiences who have registered for the webinar. Moreover, you can gently remind them of the date, time, and day of the time. Using the best free webinar platform, you can automate the reply emails for the attendees after their registration. 


  • Leverage email marketing:

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most successful ways of promotion. Send a customized email to your contact list. Keep the email short, mentioning all the necessary details of the webinar, like topic, date, time, day, etc. Moreover, if you have guest speakers for your webinar, do not forget to mention their bio in the email.


  • Ask your speakers to write blogs:

Guest posts are generally helpful in driving traffic. Ask your guest speakers to write blogs related to the topic of the webinar. They can also write about the importance of the webinar. Don’t forget to put a CTA button on the guest blogs.

Send thanks emails:

Send personalized thank-you emails to all the attendees who have registered for the webinar. Ensure, you have Included their confirmation of registration in the email. 

You can also use a platform offering  webinar hosting services for sending automated email invites and auto-reply to the registrants after their registration. 


Send reminder emails:

Before the webinar, send reminder emails in a scheduled manner. You can send an email one week, the next email two days, the third email one day before the webinar, and the fourth, one hour before the webinar.

To remind attendees about the upcoming webinar, you can send two or three emails in a week.


Send calendar invites:

Apart from the reminder emails, send calendar invites to the audiences. It will ensure the audiences will get a notification of the exact schedule of the webinar. 

Nowadays, apart from the marketing of products and services, webinar platforms are used for other purposes also. ‘For example webinar platform for education, demonstration, employee training, IT solution, and many more. And you put all your efforts, time, and money into creating a webinar. But all your efforts can go in vain unless no one is there to hear your presentation. Therefore, the promotion of webinars is a very crucial step. So it should be done smartly. The future of your webinar lies in your marketing strategies. Following these promotion tactics and strategies, you can effectively promote your B2B webinar for an IT solution. 


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