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How is Virtual Reality Different from Augmented Reality?

Are you confused about how VR differs from AR and how it can enhance your gaming experience? We know the struggle of encountering these two terms. Let us break it down so that you can choose the game you enjoy the most next time you are in a gaming arena.

What is VR?

Virtual reality, or VR, is used by a new generation of gamers. They use virtual reality (VR) technology to give players a fully immersive, first-person perspective of game action. Using a range of VR gaming attachments and equipment, players can both experience and control the game world. These equipment include, 

  • VR headsets, 
  • VR hand controllers, 
  • VR sensor-equipped gloves

How Does VR Tech Affect Gaming Quality?

Devices inbuilt with VR technology make it possible for players to get transported and immerse into the gaming world. 

  • VR Headsets

VR headsets fully take over your view to make it seem like you are elsewhere. Since the headsets are opaque, wearing them blocks out your surroundings. However, when the headsets turn on, the lenses reflect the contents of the LCD or OLED panels inside, filling your field of vision. 

It might be a 360-degree video, a game, or simply the platforms’ interfaces in virtual space. The outside environment is replaced with a virtual one, and you are visually transported wherever the headset directs you to be.

  • Motion Tracking

VR devices also come with motion tracking. As a result, the headsets can track your face and entire body movements in those directions. It allows you to move around in a virtual area with virtual hands when used in unison with 6DOF motion controllers.

Possibilities of VR Gaming

Virtual reality crosses your surroundings and transports you to different locations in games and apps. No location is out of reach. You might sit in a starfighter’s cockpit in a video game or even go to far-off places. Virtual reality has endless potential uses. The only limit is your imagination.

Both single-player and multiplayer online VR games are available. Some VR games immerse players in real-world combat situations. Others feature less aggressive activities like racing and acrobatic flight. Some VR games even need multiple players to work together to discover new locations, solve puzzles or move objects.

What is AR?

AR or augmented reality is a subset of virtual reality. The virtual elements become a part of the player’s real world when viewed through a headset or camera. Mobile or desktop applications are AR-enabled. They fuse the physical world and the computer realm to produce an artificial environment. 

AR displays visual content in the real world, which is one way that it differs from VR. Augmented reality uses these to integrate both worlds seamlessly.

  • Computer vision, 
  • Depth tracking, 
  • Mapping 

Cameras, for instance, can be used to collect data in real time and process it instantly. It enables the user to view digital content whenever they need to.

AR Technology VS VR Tech

Compared to virtual reality, AR has a slight disadvantage: visual immersion. 

  • AR apps only appear on your smartphone, and smart glasses can only project visuals in a small area in front of your eyes. 
  • VR entirely covers and replaces your field of view. 

A hologram might vanish as soon as it moves out of your field of vision. When compared to experiential VR, this experience isn’t very immersive.

Key Differences between AR and VR

Significant differences exist between AR and VR. However, both technologies shine in their way.

  • AR enhances a real-world scene, while VR provides an immersive virtual experience.
  • AR is 25% virtual, and VR is 75% virtual.
  • AR does not necessarily need external devices, unlike VR requires headgear and more.
  • AR users interact with the real world, whereas VR users interact and move in an entirely imaginary environment.
  • Compared to VR, AR demands more bandwidth.
  • Augmented reality aims to enrich both the real and virtual worlds. Virtual reality replaces the real environment with an artificial reality largely used to improve video games.


You can choose virtual reality games if you visit a gaming hub and want a completely immersive, 360-degree experience. If you want to interact with game elements in the real world, choose augmented reality. The baseline is you will have a lot of fun, regardless of your choice. 

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