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How to Learn Ethical Hacking in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn ethical Hacking

 Learn Ethical Hacking:

In this new era of technologies where every business or organization turns out to become more successful and productive, there’s always a major threat of losing significant data or information. Moreover, these data are adequate to rescind any organization or business.

In that concern, these organizations hire ethical hackers to come forward and utilize authorized legal and learn ethical hacking tools to protect their valuable data from possible cyberattacks. Learning ethical hacking would be a great option if you ought to become the highest-paid employee. Keep reading the article to learn ethical hacking in 2022.

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Learn ethical hacking is the best method to detect possible threats to any business’s computer network and inform the higher authorities about the latent dangers. It is a reasonable endeavor to get invalid or unapproved admittance to a PC network framework, information, or application. Ethical hacking has become exceptionally well-known around the world. Indeed, even most degree-offering foundations are currently offering ethical hacking courses and confirmations since they know how ethical hacking will turn into the best profession later on.

Some ethical hackers use their skills for illegal activities, and they are called “Black-Hat Hackers.” Some of them use their hacking skills for the safety of any organization or country. They are called “White-Hat Hackers.” A hacker is a well-trained programmer endowed in computer operating systems and machine coding. Let’s talk about different types of ethical hacking available today:

What Are the Different Types of Ethical Hacking?



There are different types of ethical hackers available with different roles and responsibilities. Some of them are called good, and some of them are as bad as they can be. Here are the different types of ethical hacking:


  • White Hat Hacking: A white hat hacker, also known as an ethical hacker, is a person who uses hacking techniques to find security flaws in networks, software, or hardware. White hat hackers obey the law as it relates to hacking, in contrast to black hat hackers — or hostile hackers. Black hat hackers frequently transition to white hat hacking. The expressions are taken from classic Western films when the antagonists wore black hats while the heroes often wore white hats.


  • Gray Hat Hacking: The term “gray hat hacker” (sometimes written as “grey hat hacker”) refers to someone who may transgress ethical or ethical guidelines without having the harmful intent associated with black hat hackers. Gray hat hackers may participate in actions that don’t appear entirely legal, yet they frequently work for the more significant benefit. Gray hat hackers represent the medium ground between white hat hackers, who operate on behalf of people maintaining safe systems, and black hat hackers, who act deliberately to exploit flaws in systems.


  • Black Hat Hacking: The evil people of the hacker world are black hat hackers, also referred to as black hats (conjure up images of cowboy flicks). These hackers frequently don’t give a damn about the law, the systems they interfere with, or the harm they do. Black hats are separated from white hats, the good men who frequently attempt to thwart the plans of the black hats, and gray hats, who often straddle the line between the two.

5 Best Ethical Hacking Courses Online

 Undoubtedly, ethical hacking is one of the growing fields in the world because we are more dependent on the online world (Internet) and computers. A recent report showed that in 2021, about 57% of businesses and organizations faced targeted cyber-attacks as their most significant present cyber security threat. Here are the 5 best ethical hacking courses online from which you can become a professional, ethical hacker.


  1. Learn Ethical Hacking from Beginning – Udemy

It is a prodigious course for such beginners who are willing to ace the learn ethical hacking skills and field. This course offers the students an inclusive guide on the ethical hacking subject from the beginning.

Key Features:


  • The same coverage of both practical and theoretical concepts
  • Measured progression from scratch to advanced.
  • Experts are available to solve queries.
  • About 12.5-hour video coverage to cover the whole course

Requirements: A good Internet connection is enough to take this course.

 Duration: 12.5 hours

 Price: $194.99



  1. Complete Ethical Hacking Course – Basic To Advanced – Udemy


The course is divided into 26 pieces; you may start it with little or no experience. You might have no experience at all or a lot of knowledge. There is something very informative for everyone in this course. Students are also always supported by experts and professionals throughout the course.

Key Features:


  • It Comes with 5 additional resources.
  • The course covers Wi-Fi hacking, web testing along with ethical hacking.
  • This course gives lifetime access.

Requirements: There are no such requirements to enroll in this course.

 Duration: 24.5 hours

 Price: $199.99



  1. Hacking and Patching Certification – Coursera

It is the best certification for students interested in hacking web applications and Wi-Fi passwords. It includes training with different penetration tools.

Key Features:


  • It is divided into four parts.
  • Main topics to patch and hack applications with inoculation vulnerabilities
  • 20 videos and 12 reading articles

Requirements: Basic computer science and cyber security knowledge are required.

 Duration: 12 hours

 Price: Free


  1. Learn Ethical Hacking Online – LinkedIn

This course contains a massive 20 curses contenders to go through. It is the best course for both beginners and experienced candidates.

Key Features:


  • Free first month to try the trial version
  • High reviews and ratings by overall students

Requirements: Good internet connection is required.

 Duration: Variable

 Price: $29.99/month


  1. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing – Cybrary

This course is free of cost and has all data you need to build a robust career in ethical hacking.

Key Features:


  • Free of cost
  • The course is broken into different sections.
  • Beginner to advance level coverage

Requirements: Good internet connection is required.

 Duration: 13.5 hours

 Price: Free

10 Easy Steps to Learn Ethical Hacking


  • Get hands-on LINUX/UNIX
  • Choose the best programming languages (Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL)
  • Learn the skills of being anonymous
  • Get well-competent in networking concepts
  • Traverse the hidden web
  • Add secret writing skills to your skill set
  • Research deeper into hacking
  • Explore vulnerabilities
  • Practice and experiment to excel hacking
  • Attend Q&A sessions and meet expert hackers


Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institutes in World

There are many institutions which are providing the best ethical hacking courses and certifications. Here are the top 10 ethical hacking institutes you must choose if you want to be a professional, ethical hacker.


  • The University of Maryland
  • Cybrary (Online Institution)
  • EC-Council
  • InfoSec Institute
  • Offensive Security
  • SANS
  • Hacker House
  • Coventry University (UK)
  • Dakota State University
  • Global Institute of Cyber-Security and Ethical Hacking (GICSEH)



Learn ethical hacking is undoubtedly the best career for you if you are interested in hacking. However, you must choose between “white hat hacking” and “gray hat hacking.” You must select and learn ethical hacking field for exemplary purposes only. Comment below if you have any queries about ethical hacking and its courses.

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