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How to Take Care for Your Handbag

Have you ever ruined your favourite handbag? When you buy a bag, no matter how much it costs, all of us look for its durability, we want to keep our bag in mint condition. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your bag remains in good condition and it’s worth the price you have paid for it.

Never put your bag on the floor

A floor is full of germs and dirt, no matter how many times you clean. Every time you enter the house from outside you are just adding more germs. So to place your handbag, you can hang your bag on the chair or lap or you can keep it on the next chair.

There is an option of buying bags table hook which you can purchase online; it’s cheap also. So all you have to do is hang your bag by attaching the hook.

Always ensure your hands are clean while handling the designer bag

To avoid getting any dirt and oil on the bag ensure your hands are neat while handling the bag. Handling with dirty hands can make your bag dirty, and then you will end up cleaning them

Avoid over-cleaning

Try avoiding over cleaning the bag; it can ruin the fabric of the bag. Also, the chemical present in the cleaning agent can destruct the bag, instead use water to clean any spot or stain on the bag.

Different material used for making bags

Different handbags are made with different materials. Different material means individual bags come with their own set of care and handling instructions. I suppose you have a leather sling bag, and then you will require using leather polish to keep the bag clean and new looking.

While storing ensure to cover them

When you store handbag, ensure you keep the bag covered in cotton dust cover bag which you can buy easily online. Many companies provide a dust bag along with the bag, so you can store the bag neatly. Also, stuff your bag with tissue paper so that its shape isn’t ruined.

Buy an organizer, to keep your bags safely in your closet, this will keep your bag away from dust and with transparent cover, you can easily see and grab the bag.

Never store the bag in a plastic

Plastic retains moisture, it traps wetness. If you store your bag in plastic your bag gets prone to moisture which can destroy the fabric. Ensure to keep your bag in cotton fabric only.

Always zip your bag

Always ensure to zip the bag, while storing take out the accessories attached with the bag separately to ensure it doesn’t ruin the bag. Always zip and neatly cover the bag to avoid any kind of tearing.

Remove strains

Always ensure when your bag gets caught with strain, always be quick to remove it. Here are some tips to remove specific strains which you can follow

Food strain: apply white chalk for hours then wipe it off

Water spots: let them dry themselves; you should take the help of professional help to remove these strains.

Pen marks: for ink strains try rubbing with an eraser. They can be tricky, ink strain doesn’t need to wave off. You might have to seek professional help. And for odour issues, put a packet of baking soda and you are good to go.

Protect interior

When storing away your cosmetic ensure that you keep it in a pouch instead of loose in the bag. Keeping it otherwise, if any product gets loose and leaked it can harm the interior of the bag.  Like if you get your lipsticks loose, it can leave a strain which is quite difficult to remove.

Seek professional help

There is professional help for everything in life so why not bags? They are like magical workers who can help make strain, rips, and tears, disappear. A professional knows how to repair the bag in a way that looks new in the first place.

Buying a handbag for women is not difficult. When you keep them properly and safely, they will stick around with you for long.

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