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How To Wash Your Dog’s Bed?

When we don’t wash our bedsheets, we feel uncomfortable sleeping on them. The same goes for dogs. Unless you clean their bed properly, they don’t get much comfort. In this blog, we will discuss dog beds and how you can wash them easily. Read the full blog to learn more about dog beds and how to make your dog happy.

Every dog owner knows the importance of a proper dog bed in their home. If you don’t have a bed for your dog, you should immediately look for washable dog beds in the UK. These beds are comfortable, and we can easily wash them.

If you don’t wash them, they will get stain marks and bad odours that harm your dog. Look for an expert’s help if you need it. Let’s look into the ways of washing a dog bed in detail.

Can We Wash Dog Beds On Our Own?

If you have bought a washable bed for your dog, you can easily wash them in washing machines or hand wash them. Regular washing is necessary for your dog’s health. A dirty, stinky place is not good for anyone. Read the following blog to learn how to wash a dog’s bed.

Cleaning Method:

  1. Use Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are best for removing dirt and hair from any surface. Before washing your bed, do a proper vacuum cleaning of the bed. Dog hair is a major concern for every dog owner. You can also use a brush to clean those items manually. Once you clean all the fur from the bed surface, we will proceed further.

  1. Bed Covers Need To Be Washed First

We have already cleaned the surface area, so it is time to wash the bed cover. The cover is dirtiest as it stays in direct contact with your dog. If your bed has a removable cover, you should remove them and clean it properly using detergents.

If you have an orthopedic dog bed, it must have a cover. Use pet-friendly detergents that cause no damage to their skin. Load them into the washing machine, and your bed cover will be cleaned in just a few minutes.

  1. Remove All The Stains

No matter how much you try, there will be some stain marks on the cover and the bed itself. Urine stains are the most difficult to get rid of. We need to take special care of them. Stain remover lotions are available in the market. You can add that solution with water and clean stain marks using that lotion and a brush. Don’t use that lotion on the entire bed. Use only on stain marks.

  1. Make Everything Dry

Once you are ready with the cleaning process, it is time to make everything dry. It will be best if you can put everything under the sun for a few hours. Else, you can use your washing machine drier facility to make everything dry and ready to use.

The cleaning process is simple, and you can easily clean your dog’s bed. Look for professional help if you need any support.

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