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Importance of Packaging While Shipping a Consignment

Importance of packaging

The packaging of consignments is an important activity. It is done to protect the product while transportation, handling process and finally when it is delivered. It also includes assessment and production of packages.

The packaging is usually done by a third party packaging company or any logistic company.

Packing the consignment

Packing of cargoes depends entirely upon the way you are planning to ship your consignment. To ensure that trading is done successfully without any damage especially when it comes to international shipping, the focus should be on the packaging.

Many times the exporters neglect the packaging part, which can lead to a loss that would require insurance claiming which is usually a long process. To ensure that the consignment is delivered safely, every exporter needs to follow a set of rules stated for the packaging of products. 

Like, a logistic company in Dubai usually uses more secure packaging, to make sure that during transportation any strong movement does not damage the cargos.

Unit packaging

The unit packaging works on the principle that all the shipment needs to be packed in such a way that there is no damage while using mechanical equipments such as cranes that are used for loading and unloading of consignment

These mechanical equipments are used throughout the whole transportation process.

Every exporter should keep in mind things that needs consideration before packaging the consignment

Things to consider before packing

Types of carrier:

The first thing to know is what kind of carrier is used from the place they are dispatched, which can be anything, like a truck, ship, or any other mode of transportation.

Different hazards:

What hazards a shipment can face? Like if the merchandise is being shipped through seaways then, you need to consider how weather will affect the cargo, route to take, type of storage that would be suitable, how the shipment will be loaded or unloaded.

Transportation cost:

To ensure that the shipments remain safe, the exporter should prefer using less hulking and lightweight material. In fact, in some countries, while cargoes get imported, the weight of the products, packaging and the weight of the container is also added to the final cost of the payment, which is displayed in the invoice as well.

Many shipping company in Dubai try to reduce these cost by minimising transportation cost by carrying lightweight material.

Department guidelines

Every department follows their guidelines for importing and exporting the products. There are proper protocols that need to be followed. Like pack the contents in a box, crate, or deciding upon the maximum weight that is allotted for shipping.

These guidelines need to be followed to avoid any kind of damage to the products or avoiding any hassle with the officials later.

Benefits of packaging well

• A proper packaging protects against dust, temperature, any sudden shock or other damage that can occur during transportation. Thus, proper packaging provides physical protection of the products.
• Packaging of small products together can reduce cost and increase efficiency as well. Like it is better to pack 500 chocolates in one box rather than each chocolate separately.
• When packaging is done properly and attractively, it also attracts the buyer.
• A good packaging reduces security risk as well. When there is the proper seal, anti-theft devices and proper information is provided along with the shipment, it will ensure that content is not fake or counterfeit. Such packaging will help in securing the shipments from any kind of theft.

Summing up

The vital part of exporting any consignment is the packaging of consignments to ensure safety and proper delivery of products. Not only does the product looks attractive it also keeps the buyer happy and satisfied by the condition of the products delivered to them. 

Every exporter should have good knowledge about the types and weight of the products that are ready for packaging before shipping.

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