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Innovative Variants of LED Lights

Since LED lights grew exponentially in popularity and took over the market, there have only been more innovations to up the ante. Lights focussing on a particular setting are called variants, designed to suit a specific sector of people.

Creativity is a significant sector which is fueled by LED lights. Innovators focus on this sector to release new designs which are attractive and affordable to provide a medium of expression for interior designers. Some major innovative variants of LED lights are described below:

   1. LED touch lights

The most innovative variant of LED lights is touch lights. They can be used in many places, including small nooks and corners of your home where lights aren’t always necessary, but they can help when you visit the site for a short while. A tap on the light is enough to light it up, and a tap to switch them off.

They are also used as decorative pieces on walls. They come in shapes like triangles and hexagons, which can be used to form attractive arrangements or figures of animals and birds. They also come in various colours, which you can use to give your room a good theme.

   2. LED strip lights

Strip lights are the most versatile accessory you can use to complement articles. LED Lights manufacturers stress that their universal nature makes them very popular in the market today. You can use your creativity to use these thin and long strips to line any corner of your space.

LED strip lights are also used in hallways to line the borders at junctions, and the carpet ends. This gives it a clean and bold finish that can fit your theme with your chosen colour. They are available in mild as well as neon variants making them suitable for all purposes.

   3. LED running lights

LED running lights are in incredible demand, mainly because they fit well with all cars. You can use your favourite colour running lights to line the edges of your vehicle and make it look cool. Neon colours like blue and red are the most popular ones because they shine in the dark and make your car glow.

Running lights can be used anywhere to express your creativity. They can line up doors or furniture. You can use them on pots or as handles for doors. Their flexibility is very impressive and contributes to their appeal.

   4. LED USB bulbs

A compact LED innovation is the USB bulb. They are tiny and are easily portable. When you’re working on your laptop in the dark, you can easily plug them in, and they can serve as your personal reading light. They are inexpensive and long-lasting, making them the perfect emergency light.

Another such innovation is the LED lamp. They are available in different colours and throw focus on a small area which helps you focus, or they can be used as a night lamp. Their applications are immense and are used by many people.

   5. LED fairy lights

The latest trend in the market is fairy lights. They go over every corner of your ceiling and draw attention to their brightness. They add life and energy to every room they are installed in and are a simple way to elevate the look of rooms.

They are also valuable for creating a cohesive look of a house when rooms are themed differently. They can be a single feature common to all rooms and tie the looks together. They fit in well with most pre-existing themes of rooms and elevate their look.

   6. LED colourful rope lights

Every festive season we bring out rope lights and use them to light up the front patio or walls of the house. They highlight the house and are beautiful to look at in the dark. LED rope lights have added amounts of brightness and durability, which make them preferable over other lights.

LED rope lights come in various colours and are available in multicolour options, which shimmer with different frequencies. This adds aesthetic value to the place they’re hung and demands attention. All festivals can have decorations reusing these lights in various forms, making them a good purchase.


LED lights are incredibly versatile and find applications in many spheres. Their variants are explicitly designed to tackle a problem, serve a sector and do it well. The design sector is the major consumer with the growing popularity of LEDs as an art medium for designers.

USB lights, fairy lights, bulbs, and touch lights are examples of significant innovations and creative thinking. Rope lights and strip lights are other variants which are very versatile and can be used in different ways. Apart from their traditional implementations, LEDs have become an excellent form to develop a theme of a place and accentuate its features. Lights can change the whole look of a space, and the most prominent case in point is LED lights.

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