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Insider Guide to Webinar Marketing

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Webinars have developed and been pushed to new, exciting heights as technology continues to change this conventional marketing strategy. The webinars in some past years have completely changed and evolved with lots of interactive features like live chat, polls, quizzes, etc. Webinars are nowadays the lifeline for communication in many corporations and businesses. The fast, easy, and convenient advantages that the webinar platform offers are muchly likable. Additionally, many marketers believe that it is not just good for interactive communication but the best way for promotions and marketing. 

Today in this blog we are going to read about webinar marketing and its importance. However the other necessary aspects like webinar hosting services and how on-demand can be a great source to utilize in webinar marketing. So, let’s begun with the basics;

What Is Webinar Marketing?

A webinar is an online seminar with the purpose of educating a particular audience about a good or service by delivering pertinent information. As effectively defined, webinar marketing is the art of developing the appropriate content in order to achieve the end result of obtaining a significant number of high-quality leads. This strategy typically works well for a prospect as well as a channel for customer marketing.

The importance of webinar marketing as a B2B marketing strategy is increasing. This virtual seminar is being used to market a variety of products, including physical goods, software-as-a-service (SaaS), eBooks, blog posts, and online services. The purpose of the webinar—which may be to increase customer awareness, educate them, or close a sale—has a big impact on its content.

Why Is Webinar Marketing So Important?

Before 2020, holding live events and tradeshows was one of the most effective demand-generation strategies for companies. It only makes sense for businesses to switch from in-person seminars to webinars now that virtual and hybrid events are the new webinars. Here we have compiled the four biggest reasons why setting up a webinar is the best tactic. 

Promote Sales

When we talk about direct sales or in-person sales we can only deal with individuals at a time. Now take time to think about the webinar, you have the opportunity to talk to 100 people or more at a time and all looking for the same product. Isn’t it quite fast to convert 25 or more than that immediately? Webinars can really help you in improving sales. 

Generate Leads

Just think who has the time to register for a webinar and attend it till the last? No one is right, but the one who is doing this is potentially in need or willing to know about your product or service or maybe want to buy. The very beginning procedure till the end of a webinar empowers you to generate leads from it. A general survey states that about 20-40% of attendees became certified leads. To achieve this you need to make your webinar popular, by promoting it as value-driven content rather than promotional. By using online webinar hosting tools you will be able to make it engaging and little entertaining. If this benefit is noteworthy enough, people will share their contact information to register for your webinar. And, surely from your offering, you gain quality leads. 

Retain Viewer 

Webinar as a format helps in choosing the right content on the topic that the user wants to know instead of just advertisement which just interacts with the audience’s screen time. In general, only 40% of users only watch the complete webinar which shows that you have enough time to build a relationship and establish brand and product credibility. 

Warm Up Leads Quickly

The webinars are something the user itself chooses to be part of, which shows they are interested in the offerings you are supposed to give as a brand. In the initial stage, when a user registers for the webinar, it means they are already aware of the problem and looking for a definite solution. In the webinar, if you address those issues and problems with solutions in a way that makes the webinar more problem solving then the chances that audiences will remember will increase. 

How Do You Market a Webinar?

In general, marketing a webinar involves more than just encouraging audiences to attend an event. You’ll need a combined sponsored and organic marketing plan to advertise your event in order to generate registrations and attendees. Everything from sponsored social, banner ads, and content syndication to organic social postings, sales promotion, newsletter inclusion, and a whole lot more might fall under this category.

However, it can be difficult to persuade specialists to spend up to an hour of their working day with you. You’ll need an organized promotional plan along with a compelling cause for potential registrants to attend the event. How do you promote your webinar then?

  • To increase sign-ups, use email marketing.
  • Include Partners
  • Incorporate Your Sales Team
  • Paid Social Adverts

Tools for Webinar Marketing

A successful webinar marketing procedure can be defined by the marketing tool which is used during the overall marketing. Here is a list of tools that you can use to make the webinar successful but always keep to using webinar hosting services with all sorts of interactive features otherwise all this effort will be wasted; Let’s see


Most businesses already have a lot of data regarding their former customer mail and sending emails will increase the number of registrations. There are email solutions like Marketo, HubSpot, and Mailchimp for effective working. 

Social Calendaring

Social media is powerful as much time is spent on its use and utilizing it for promotions will be helpful. If you are a business that needs to make everything on time, start using tools like Oktopost, CoSchedule, and others to schedule everything on time. 

Content Calendar 

Does every audience type need to be treated as not the same then why send the send type of content? By simply using a spreadsheet, you will be able to monitor which promotional content is going to which channels. 

Collaboration Manager 

Planning is the beginning of every programme or event then why not try to collaborate efficiently? Simply putting everything on record even through google docs will help you organize all your effort. 


Analytics and metrics of every event will tell us about the success, and improvement needed in the event. So why not track all your effort no matter whether it’s paid or organic? There are an array of solutions you can use here, including Tableau, Google Analytics, and more.


All these above mentioned are the key aspects of a guide to webinar marketing and using all such will help you to achieve all your targeted goals. Once you promote your webinar it is time to choose the best webinar services as it is a seamless platform that can accommodate all your guests and immersive interaction. Best of luck with your next webinar and webinar marketing campaign. 

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