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Integration of Fun and Learning: DIY Projects for Children

Playing and learning are such essential aspects of every child growing up. Experts believe that kids, especially between the ages 3-8, are at their most open and enthusiastic selves for growing and developing their basic skills. These ages also constitute a dramatic shift in the lives of the kids. As they grow up, they’re introduced to new and different things that aid their thinking and learning abilities.

The idea that kids can learn so much while exercising their creative facilities is being opted by more and more parents and teachers. Especially with the limited outdoor activities due to the ongoing pandemic, home projects have won over many parents. 

Just with things lying around the house, you can create a wonderful fun and learning experience for your child. DIY projects help children become their own person. These projects keep your child busy, inspired, and motivated. Also, importantly away from excessive screen time.

Options For the Children 

You and your child can choose from a myriad of activities. You can kick things off with painting, drawing, making cards, creative paper bags, colourful envelopes, origami, handmade gifts, and more. Engaging in such activities helps kids utilise their imagination and thinking skills and, while they’re doing so, they’re also opening up themselves to new possibilities of learning. Your child will surely benefit from the different activities involved in the creative idea you choose. It helps them develop fine motor skills, coordination, comprehension, communication, self-expression, patience, and innovation. All the cutting, pasting, drawing, painting, and playing around with shapes, colours, different materials, and activities develop their overall personality and creative abilities. 

As a parent or a guiding figure, you can be as involved as you want. Children love spending time with their parents. Use this activity time to communicate with your child and encourage their process. The best part about these homemade projects is that your child can get creative without worrying about the results. Research suggests that kids around the 3-8 ages learn a lot just from the process of creating something, rather than its ultimate output. Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement after their project. This will boost their morale for undertaking more creative projects in the future without worrying over the end product. 

Here are some cool ideas for fun projects:

Paper Plate Rainbow Fish: All you need is a paper plate, acrylic paints, and a set of googly eyes to make this colourful DIY fish.

Friendship Bracelets: Get creative with some exciting beads and a spool of thread to help your kid make some beautiful bracelets. 

Cards: This is the best way to channel your child’s positive energy into something productive and creative. Grab some paper and colours and get started on Birthday, Christmas, Diwali, Valentines and more cards!

Paper Bags and Envelopes: For this, you need some paper, a pair of scissors, colours, and glue. You can use them as gift bags to encourage your child to create more.

Festive Mugs: Create lifelong memories with your child by decorating old mugs and glasses with paints and creative designs.  

The bonus of home projects is that you can get creative with recycling and teach kids the value of scrap paper, cloth, and other knick-knacks. 

Activity boxes are also a new and innovative way for kids to learn while playing. These boxes are convenient for parents as they have multiple pre-planned activities and fun ideas for kids. These boxes are designed to stimulate the imagination of kids and maintain their interest in their work. These boxes cater to different age groups. You can choose from exciting science boxes, art and craft, and more. The boxes also have different themes ranging from animals, science, art, lights, nature, and more. You should try the broad range of choices available in the market. These boxes are innovatively designed to encourage your kids in their creative and learning activities. Encourage your kids to think outside the box with these amazing learning options. 

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