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Know the Differences Between a Girl’s Bicycle and Boy’s Bicycle

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For as long as we can remember, people have been using bicycles for convenient commuting. However, today its use has widened to the health aspect as well. Many people choose cycling to reduce the extra pounds in a fun way. Moreover, parents encourage their children to learn cycling because it enhances their balancing skills and also teaches them self reliant.

But one of the most tricky tasks for parents is selecting the right bicycle for their ward. Although multiple designs and models are available in the market, they are not suitable for every kid. Therefore it is necessary to understand the differences between a girl’s and a boy’s cycle.

This blog talks about the major differences you must consider before buying a cycle according to the gender of your child.

Style and Colour

Many children prefer to ride a bicycle that depicts the typical features of a particular gender. This includes girls’ soft feminine colours like pink, purple, red, etc. Some manufacturers also use floral patterns to attract female customers.

On the other hand, boys mostly like bicycles with dark and bold colours like black, blue, grey, etc. In addition, features like lightning bolts, fireballs, etc., increase aesthetic appeal to attract male riders. However, styling and colour are personal preferences, and many children choose to ride bicycles that depict a different gender. Therefore, to make an appropriate decision, parents must prioritise their ward’s tastes and

Height of the Cycle

Height is another important factor in selecting a bicycle according to gender. Most girls’ bicycles are designed with lesser height. This is because of the fact that girls are generally shorter than boys. Although the design of most unisex bicycles is suitable for both genders, it is recommended to choose a cycle by considering the height of the rider.

This is crucial if the child is in the learning phase. If the design and height of the bicycle are not suitable for a girl or a boy, there is a high probability that they will lose interest in riding.

The Frame of the Bicycle

The frame of a bicycle generally varies according to the specific cycling purposes. These include cycling, mountain biking, racing, etc. However, the structural variation also depended on gender. In the past years, when women started cycling, most manufacturers designed bicycles with no horizontal crossbar between the seat and handle. This design variation was to suit the purpose of convenient riding. Since most females wore skirts and dresses, getting on and off the bicycle could cause embarrassing situations.

Another reason for the crossbar in boys bicycles is that it supports their weight. However, in current times most girls wear pants and shorts. Therefore, they can conveniently ride a bicycle with a crossbar. Still, many prefer a frame designed specifically for girls to ride without dressing appropriately for a bicycle frame.


Although the seat of a cycle is exchangeable, it is better to purchase according to gender-specific design. Generally, a girls’ bicycle seat is broader and shorter in shape. This is because such seats provide much-needed support for hip placement. On the other hand, the seat’s structure of the boy’s cycle is elongated and narrow with a triangular centre hole to reduce the intensity of sudden shocks due to jerking. This plays a vital part in preventing injury to the scrotum during the ride.


Girls and boys have different shoulder measurements. Manufacturers design a girls bicycle with a short handlebar to suit this feature and offer a comfortable riding experience. On the other hand, the boy’s cycle has extended handlebars to maintain an appropriate position while riding.


The anatomy of males and females has some natural differences. Therefore, it is important to select a cycle by considering these differences. Although unisex cycles are appropriate for experienced cyclists, it is essential to have a cycle that ensures proper comfort by maintaining appropriate body positions for children who are still in their learning phase.

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