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Kumara Parvatha Trek: Every Element You Need To Realize



Kumara Parvatha Trek is one of the toughest treks within the Western Ghats of Karnataka. This trek is likewise called Pushpagiri Trek. Each person has a wide degree of fitness and now not an amateur, can go on a trek to this vicinity. This trek does get finished in days. We’d enjoy stunning mountains, inexperienced valleys, sparkling perspectives, large rocks, and cool winds there. In comparison to the other treks in this vicinity, Kumara Parvatha can be a little harder, but stunning. The trek starts evolved from the Pushpagiri wildlife Sanctuary, and you’ll be getting nearer to nature at some point in this adventure. Considered collectively as one of the quality treks in India, Kumara Parvatha needs to be there on your tick list in case you’re an adventure junkie.

Exceptional Time To Travel To

The exceptional time to go for the Kumara Parvatha trek is publish-monsoons from October to might also.

A way to attain

Kukke Subramanya has located 280 km from Bangalore and a hundred and five km from Mangalore, which is the nearest airport. Subramanya avenue railway station is positioned 12 km away from Kukke Subramanya. Restrained bus services are there to attain Kukke Subramanya from Mangalore or Bangalore.

Reasons To undertake To

  • Incredible mountains
  • Inexperienced valleys 
  •  sparkling views
  • Huge rocks 
  • Cool winds

Places To Visit

  • Kukke Subramanya
  • Bhattara Mane
  • Girigadde Viewpoint
  • Kumara Parvatha Viewpoints
  • Nithyananda Sree Kailasa Temple
  • Pushpagiri peak


Things to carry

  • Xerox of your Aadhar/Voter identity to allows
  • Cutleries for the Dinner and Lunch at Bhatru Mane
  • Small backpack to keep your essentials throughout the trek 
  • Strength Bars
  • Glucose Packets
  • Energy financial institution
  • Warm Layering
  • Water bottles – 2 
  • Lunch field and Spoon
  • Raincoat and rain covers 
  • Hiking shoes
  • Flip-flops 
  • Toilet gadgets
  • Torch
  • Portable chargers
  • Extra clothing object
  • Polybags 
  • More money for food


Level Of Difficulty

The level of difficulty of the Kumara Parvatha Trek is medium to hard.

Approximately The Locals

A varied combination of ethnicity, subculture, faith, and race comprises the human beings of Karnataka. Malayalis, Tamils, Marathis, and other human beings from Andhra Pradesh and all around the country have co-existed in mutual harmony with the endemic humans of the land for hundreds of years. Although the tribes similar to the Kurubas and Kodavas are believed to be the aboriginal beings of Karnataka because of modern improvement, Karnataka these days has a population that comes from every walk of life. The people of Karnataka are outstanding hosts and vacationers are going to be flabbergasted to be invited to forestall over at each house for a drink. 


The lifestyle of humans is simple and without a doubt follows precise customs, enchanting culture, and inflexible beliefs. The get dressed of Karnataka is extremely similar to the sample of other states of South India. Acknowledged for her grace, comfort, and decency which is a necessary part of their tradition, the boys can be observed in shirts or kurtas in conjunction with lungi at the higher and lower frame respectively. The girls are seen in Sarees, every day get dressed as women. Saree is worn inside the function nivi style of southern India with pleats within the front and a while passed on to the rear to facilitate movement. But, this can differentiate as in line with the norms of a specific place.

Kodavas of Coorg

There are various tribes in Karnataka which have their language and precise traditions. The Kodavas of Coorg are a prominent ethnic tribe and are known as a warrior race. At some stage in a long time, the Kodavas have preserved and nurtured their unique cultural trends. A bit just like the subculture and traditions of Karnataka, the language of the state is nonpareil additionally. Kannada is the mother tongue of the majority of human beings in the country. But, different lingual teams like Tamil, Malayalam, Konkani, Hindi, and Urdu exist too. The Malayali organizations are focused around Mysore and have a specific socio-linguistic organization.

Additional tips 

  • Bring enough quantity of water.
  • Watch out for leeches, cobras, and different reptiles.
  • Preserve power bars and mild snacks.
  • Make certain you have a suitable backpack.
  • Convey your restroom gadgets, sunglasses, and a jacket for winter.
  • Take a look at your physical fitness before occurring the trek.
  • This trek is incorrect for the aged or people with coronary heart troubles, allergies problems, and blood pressure.



The Kumara Parvatha trek is suggested by way of trekkers throughout. Apart from the natural splendor, this trek has journey dreams that every adventurous man or woman loves and looks ahead to. Revel in you’ll have fun all the time.


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