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Nepal’s Top Destination For Tour And Travel

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Located in the Himalayas, Nepal is a landlocked country that is also part of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is formerly the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, and its border is with India.


Located in Kavre District, Nepal, Namo Buddha is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is a peaceful and serene place. The monastery, located on a hilltop, offers spectacular views of Himalayan peaks. It is a great place to meditate and enjoy the natural beauty.

The hilltop monastery is also home to a stupa with all the seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is also home to traditional Tamang and Newari people. This is one of the best destinations in the Nepal Tour Package for hiking and meditation.

Namo Buddha is one of the three major shrines in Nepal, and Buddhists believe that the three shrines together form a source of peace and harmony. It is a good destination for those who want to experience Nepali culture and religion.


Thousands of tourists flock to Lumbini each year to visit the birthplace of Buddha. It is a sacred place for Hindus and Buddhists alike. You can take a tour of the area, or just stay in one of the many luxurious hotels. The city also has several international monasteries.

The best thing to do in Lumbini is to explore the ancient ruins. A trip to this historical site will provide insight into the life of the Buddha and his teachings. It is also a great place to relax and meditate.

Another good way to explore the city is to rent a bicycle. It will cost you less than taking the public transportation.


Located at the foot of the Annapurna mountain range, Pokhara is one of the best destinations in Nepal to visit. It offers scenic views of mountains and lakes. It is a perfect getaway for travelers looking for a fun-filled vacation. You can hike, shop and try some local cuisine.

Some of the best activities to do in Pokhara include paragliding, bungee jumping and hot air balloon rides. These activities will give you a bird’s eye view of the city. For the paragliding, you will need to purchase a flight ticket, which costs approximately $70 for a 30-minute flight. The bungee jump can be booked through tour operators.


Located in the Sindupalchowk district of Nepal, Chisapani is a picturesque hilly village with stunning views of the Himalayas. Its name, which means “cold water” in Nepali, refers to the natural hot spring that is located there. Chisapani is the ideal destination for trekking and hiking enthusiasts.

It is a popular place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views over the mountains and valleys. Tourists can stay in hotels or lodges while they visit Chisapani. Several tours are offered for Chisapani. These tours range from one day to 19 days.

Chisapani is an ideal destination for those who want to hike and explore the local villages. The trek to Chisapani is easy and moderate, and the trail is surrounded by lush mountain forests.

Indreshwar Mahadev

Located on the isthmus between the Bagmati River and the Kaligandaki River, the Indreshwar Mahadev is the most prominent temple in Panaoti. The temple was built in the 15th century. The canopy of the temple is made in the indigenous Newari style. The temple has a three-story structure. The roof struts are decorated with Nepalese wood carving.

The temple is located within a courtyard. It depicts three levels of divinity. The lingam is said to have been created by Shiva. The canopy is made of gold leaf and is the tallest structure in Kathmandu. The temple is also known for its festivals.

The main temple is dedicated to Shiva as the Mahadeva. It has carvings that date back over a thousand years. The temple is also considered to be sacred to Buddhists. It is visited by devotees who want to be cured of diseases.


Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Thamel is one of the most popular tourist areas in Nepal. It is known for its numerous tourist attractions and the variety of stores, restaurants, and cafes it has to offer. Several Hindu and Buddhist religious sites are also found in this area.

Some of the major sites in Thamel are Bhagwati Temple, Tri Devi Temple, Vikramshila Mahavihar, and the Sunken Ganesh Shrine. Tourists can also participate in day hikes and engage in short treks.

Thamel is also known for its restaurants and bars. It has a wide variety of international and local cuisines. During the weekend, the area is crowded and lively. To know more visit: https://boundlessadventure.com/nepal-tour-packages

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