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Only Genuine Plywood with CenturyPromise App

Century plywood is a top-quality plywood manufacturer that designs and makes plywood with the highest standards in mind. To ensure the best quality, CenturyPly tests and quality control every board before it is shipped out. The company’s quality control process starts with a visual inspection of the lumber. They then look for any defects, such as knots, splits, or other problems.

CenturyPly as plywood manufacturers have been in business for over 100 years making them the best plywood manufacturers present in India. The company is an amalgamation of traditional plywood making techniques and new innovation which helps the products to meet all the needs and demands of the modern day consumer.

The Need for CenturyPromise Application

Just like any other industry, the plywood market is also adversely affected by issues related to counterfeit products. CenturyPly being the best plywood manufacturer in India, faces a lot of competition in the market. There are fraudulent plywood manufacturers as well which genuine contractors and final consumers may have difficulty in identifying.

To effectively bridge this gap, CenturyPly has now introduced the CenturyPromise Application. The objective of the CenturyPromise app is simple. Every CenturyPly sheet comes with a unique QR code which can be effectively scanned with the assistance of the CenturyPromise app. Thus, eliminating all issues related to fraudulent and counterfeit products.

The aspect of verifying the authenticity of plywood has now become comparatively straightforward with the use of this CenturyPromise app. Final users can also extract an E-Warranty document upon scanning the QR code of every plywood sheet verifying the authenticity of the plywood.

Why Choose CenturyPly and what are the Benefits of CenturyPromise?

  • Century plywood is also a great choice for customers because of its durability and its ability to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Not only is it a great choice for customers, but it’s also a great choice for businesses. The plywood offered by the company has diverse applications as they are available in different grades that can be used in wet as well as dry regions.
  • Moreover, the products offered by CenturyPly are environmentally friendly. CenturyPly believes in the aspect of working with the latest technology to enhance the quality of its products. Thus, the brand excels in manufacturing products that are antibacterial, fire resistant, and waterproof in nature.
  • Contractors now can sell original plywood directly to customers without having to deal with issues related to fraudulent products by simply scanning CenturyPly products on the CenturyPromise.
  • This aspect helps to increase the goodwill of the said contractors and also helps the customers to purchase top-quality plywood.
  • The CenturyPromise application is free of cost without any additional charges. All you have to do is download the application from the Google Play or iOS Store, signup, and you’re good to go.
  • The application is compatible on various devices and can be utilized from any remote location.
  • Instant verification and authentication provided with the provision of E-Warranty.

The use of CenturyPromise is a great way to ensure that the plywood you are purchasing is of high quality and meets your expectations. Purchasing genuine plywood is now guaranteed with the help of CenturyPromise app. Not only is the plywood of the highest quality, but the delivery is quick and easy as well.


The use of the CenturyPromise app will save the customers time and money as they will no longer need to take the plywood to a third party for inspection. As the QR code is embedded into every CenturyPly product, customers can simply scan the code with their smartphone and view the inspection results right away. Therefore, be sure to use the CenturyPromise application before making the final decision of purchase of any kind of plywood for your upcoming construction project.

Conduct a thorough online research to learn more about the use and application of the CenturyPromise app.

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