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Play At The Best Golf Course In The World!

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Is the lousy weather separating you from your intense love for golf? There is an alternative to the problem. The VR gaming simulators will let you play the actual golf game in terms of technology, sound, view and strategy. Let the heart stop while waiting for the ball to enter the horizon.

VR gaming guarantees travel to your fantasy world with cutting-edge technology, world-class simulators, and vast game space. In addition, it offers PGA-certified Golf courses around the globe for the best-golfing experience. With a 12-hour service facility, time won’t be a limiting factor. The social interaction and participation becomes memorable here.

Landscape View and Sound Technology

The soundproof facility enhances the extraordinary sound effects. The provision of special tweeters concealed in the room escalates the sound of the birds chirping, the wind blowing and your heartbeat. You can focus on your aim without any distraction. It offers you the best colour effects without compromising the view, thus, giving you a real-life picturesque experience.

The Actual Game!

Apart from the environment, what’s unique in the game? As mentioned about the golf course, the playing experience is out of the world. Made with futuristic technology full of modern components, players can experience the feeling of the actual game.

Hold the club, hit the golf ball and plan your next strategy. The accurate measurements let you think about the following approach to winning. The calculated power, angle and swing assists in the endeavour.

Golf Courses from Corners of the World

The massive collection of golf courses will put you in a dilemma. With the entry for the above ten years age group, around 1 to 4 players can play simultaneously. The latter lets you decide if you want to play just for fun, improve your skills, or show them off among strangers and friends.

Standard courses offer exotic, tropical, resort and wild stone collection. Pebble Beach, St Andrews Links, The Carolinas, Czech, Korea Collection Volume 1, 2 and 3, Individual premium courses, Continental Collection, and “Destination Kohler” courses are among the premium choices.

The options are still ongoing. The original championship course at Blackwolf Run is among the best in the United States. However, it also lets the players play at the oldest, most iconic and 29 times host of The Open Championship golf course in the world, St. Andrews. This golf course from Scottish Highlands is the dream for all.

Adding to the list, it offers another championship course from the United States, the Straits at Whistling Straits. All the features, such as windswept, open and rugged terrain spread across two miles, are here to enjoy with our indoor golf simulator. Finally, visit Europe, the Le Golf National Albatros Course, the most renowned gaming hub. Suitable for both professionals and amateurs to experience the ground that has hosted Ryder Cup.

Another Scotland beauty, PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles, is characterised as the finest parcel of land for golf. Situated at the heart of Scotland, the game timing (upto two hours) will pass before you know it.


Lovers of golf understand the mood spoiling after bad weather. Being passionate about playing and unable to do so indeed leads to frustration. Virtual gaming, gaming hub, lets you experience the best of golf with world-class simulators. Through the detailed view, great sounds of nature and your heartbeat, it ensures you feel each moment of the game.

It offers 12-hour service with numerous golf courses and accurate calculations to plan out the strategy. The game time ranges between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Players can also enjoy the solo game and competition depending on their choice.

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