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Points To Remember Before Buying A Refrigerator For Your Home


Refrigerators have been a part of our families and adorning our homes since the late 1950s. Jacob Perkins is the person who pioneered the idea of fridge manufacturing. He is also known as the “Father of the Refrigerator”. Choosing the perfect refrigerator for your home can be complicated, with many factors to consider. The usual elements like the size of the fridge, price, energy efficiency, door styles, colours, storage capacity, etc.

This blog is a breakdown of various refrigerator types that will help you choose the suitable one for yourself.

Types of refrigerators

Let us first understand the various types of refrigerators available in the market –

1. Single-Door Refrigerators: These refrigerators have only one door for the fridge and freezer. These are cost-efficient but offer a small storage capacity between 121-130 litres. They are ideal for a family of 2-3 members and are often marked with star ratings.

2. Double-Door Refrigerators: These refrigerators come with two separate doors for the fridge and freezer. In other words, the freezer is located right above the food storage compartment. These are usually frost-free and energy efficient. Double-door fridges have a capacity of 230-500 litres and are ideal for a family of 5 members. If you have a joint family, you must prefer buying a double door refrigerator online or offline.

3. Triple-Door Refrigerators- The refrigerators with three separate sections are known as multi-door or three-door refrigerators. One is for the freezer, one for food storage in the center, and one for vegetable storage at the bottom. These have a capacity of 240-350 litres and are ideal for a family of 3-4 members.

4. Side-by-side Refrigerators- These refrigerators are divided into two parts vertically. One side consists of the fridge, and the other consists of the freezer. These fridges usually come with features like temperature-controlled bins and wider storage space. Side-by-side fridges have a capacity of 500 liters and are ideal for a large family. There is a separate space for storing vegetables. Some also have a separate ice/water dispenser.

5. Mini-fridge- Mini Refrigerators are ideal for people living alone in a rented room or hostel. These are primarily used to store drinks and snacks that can quickly spoil. These fridges have a capacity of 50 liters.

6. Smart fridge- A smart fridge comes with the facility of connecting to WiFi. Only a few brands in India produce these types of refrigerators. They can identify the type of food stored inside and adjust the temperature accordingly. Some of the other kinds of fridges also come with voice-recognition features.

What are energy star points ratings?

Refrigerators are rated based on their Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). These are called BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) ratings. Wherein the scale ranges from 1 to 5. The more the rating, the more the conservation of energy.

1-star refrigerator- 1-star is the lowest range of rating for a fridge. So, it will consume the maximum amount of electricity compared to other star-rated fridges. These consume approximately 977 kWh of energy per year.

2-star refrigerator- A 2-star double door fridge consumes less power than 1-star refrigerator. These consume around 782 kWh of energy per year.

3-star refrigerator- Three-star fridges save a lot more energy than a two-star fridge. These consume 626 kWh of energy per year.

4-star refrigerator- According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the four-star refrigerator saves about 500 kWh of energy annually.

5-star refrigerator- Five-star refrigerators are the best among all the star-rated refrigerators as these hold the capacity to save the maximum amount of energy, i.e., 400 kWh of energy per year.


There are many modernized or modified versions of fridges accessible nowadays, which have a few added elements to make your experience much better. Any additional features can be customized based on your needs. You are the best judge whether you require a single-door or a multi-door fridge. So buy what best works for you!

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