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Road transport: the most common mode of transporting goods

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It is the most used ground transport in France but also in the whole world. When you think about it, even if you choose another mode of transporting goods, such as air, rail or sea freight, you still need a heavy truck to deliver the goods to the end point and carry out the last kilometres.

It is also a solution that offers the big advantage of being direct. All types of goods can be transported: hazardous materials, perishable products, goods requiring a controlled transport temperature. Loading and unloading of goods is simple and in terms of time, road transport is reliable.

The advantages of road transport:

it is an economical mode of logistics transport;
ideal if you are looking for an expedition on a short and direct route.

The inconvenients :

the ecological footprint and CO2 emissions are high;
the delivery time is subject to the fluidity of road traffic.

Rail transport

In France, the rail network is the second mode of land transport used for goods. France has a large rail network. Internationally, such as in Russia or the United States, this mode of transporting goods is more widespread, due to the long distances to be covered.

Transport by train will suit you perfectly if you are looking to transport Best Truck Dispatch Services large volumes of goods, or bulk products, and especially if you need to make them travel long distances.

The advantages of road transport:

very advantageous financially, and with an excellent quality-price ratio;
low environmental impact;
reliable transport: there are fewer accidents than with other modes of freight.
The inconvenients :

delivery times are longer, count between 1 and 3 days more compared to road transport.

What are the average delivery times?

Unsurprisingly, delivery times depend on the distance traveled.

To ensure that these deadlines are in line with your requirements, offers several solutions:

express transport: we immediately dedicate an exclusive truck to you, for more responsiveness in handling;
road transport: ideal especially if the journey is short. It is a mode of transportation direct and fast, even if regulations require truck drivers to stop regularly to rest;

combined transport : especially if you need to ship your products over long distances.

What types of goods do freight forwarders handle?

It varies according to the transport company. We of course take care of all palletized goods. But we also go much further. In our view, the job of freight forwarders is to find the most suitable solutions for your specific transport needs.

Your products do not have a standard format? No problem. We can provide you with a specific truck or a flatbed truck. Merchandise with special dimensions requires tailor-made handling and this is precisely our speciality.

Do you ship dangerous goods? Contact us to formulate your specific request, specifying the nature and category of the products transported.

What is road freight transport?

Road transport of goods is a mode of land transport of goods and products. Trucks, trucks and vehicles then use the road infrastructure to move products from a starting point to a final destination point.

In France, transport companies are at the heart of the economy. According to the FNTR , the sector generates more than 40 billion euros in turnover (2017 data) and employs more than 40,000 people. Not to mention the many actors who come into play to ensure the different stages:

professionals responsible for storage, loading and unloading, handling, mechanized or manual;
freight forwarders ;
freight forwarders ;
more generally, all professions related to logistics and the supply chain.

The profession is now regulated by the state. There are regulations both for the control of truck drivers and for the control of the transported goods.

Road freight transport can also be combined with other modes of transport: rail, sea, river, and even air. We then speak of multimodal transport . .

What goods can be handled by a road carrier?

All consumer products can transit in France or internationally thanks to the road transport of goods. Food products are particularly concerned thanks to refrigerated transport capacities. But dangerous goods are also eligible, as are materials or textiles.

Customers are either the shipper or the final recipient of the goods transported. The advantages offered by a road haulier are numerous:

limited costs;
fast and possible deliveries even to reach rural areas or small villages;
ideal for short and long distances;
suitable for all products, including hazardous materials or products requiring temperature controlled transport such as medicines or perishable products.
The challenges of tomorrow’s road freight transport
The transport sector, in full mutation, must face several challenges for the years to come.

The evolution of prices and its consequences on the service offer: with the cost of fuel, this element has a direct impact on the attractiveness of road transport compared to its competitors (sea freight and rail freight in particular), particularly for international transport.

Last mile distribution: a concern that has increased tenfold with the rise of e-commerce. In-store, relay point or home delivery, the digital offer is intensifying to cover the multiplicity of possibilities and offer a mix of solutions.
The digitization of the sector: the opportunities and innovations are there to enable road freight transport to increase in productivity. The RFT sector must also use new digital tools to optimize transport, improve the conditions of use of equipment, and thus pass on the resulting advantages to customers.

The energy transition: impossible for a road haulier to miss. Here too, initiatives are multiplying: energy mix, more energy-efficient trucks, groupage to avoid empty transport, training of drivers in eco-driving, etc.

Traceability: to reduce costs, reduce delays and constantly improve the quality of services.

How does fit into tomorrow’s RFT player?

Calling on for the road transport of goods means using a freight forwarder 2.0, who takes into account the issues mentioned above on a daily basis. From traceability, to digitalization, through combined transport and the reduction of our CO2 emissions, our objective is to provide you with the highest quality service, to make you more proactive and efficient.

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