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SAINIK: A Secret to Building a Voguish Home

One of the things that finish off a house is furniture. These live-load components are essential, making them the most significant element of interior design. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick the appropriate material for the decor of your home.

One of the best options for giving your home a fashionable appearance is Sainik 710 plywood. Thus you should definitely choose Sainik 710 plywood for your homes. Here’s a list of reasons why Sainik 710 plywood is better than any other plywood material present in the market.

Why is Sainik 710 plywood better than any other regular plywood?

     1. It is more affordable than other plywood

One of the main reasons why people prefer using Sainik 710 is because it is affordable plywood. This material is very maintenance-free and long-lasting. You no longer need to dig deep into your pocket to cover the cost of maintenance.

You can easily install this in your homes without having to worry about any incurring costs. It also has many other benefits that make it a great option. We shall discuss those benefits later in the article.

   2. It offers great resilience as compared to other materials

Sainik 710 plywood sheets are considerably more durable than regular plywood sheets.   Strong adhesives are used to join many sheets of wood to create plywood. They, therefore, provide extra strength. They can manufacture any type of furniture because of this. They can withstand changes brought on by weather as well. Additionally, they are water resistant. This makes them more resilient than regular plywood.

   3. It is more durable than other materials

Sainik 710 Plywood, as was already said, provides significantly better strength and is economical to use over time. They can withstand bad weather. They are more powerful as a result of their structure. They are manufactured using premium quality material. Thus the long shell life of your furniture is assured. It does not swell or warp.

   4. It is water resistant as compared to other materials

Sainik 710 plywood can withstand a 72-hour water resistance test, whereas regular plywood starts to disintegrate in an hour. It is the best plywood for your furniture as you no longer need to worry about any damage caused by water and leakages.

Unlike any other plywood material, the Sainik 710 plywood does not swell up when in contact with water. Thus it can be ensured that your furniture is free from any kind of damage caused by water.

   5. It offers protection from termites

Sainik 710 plywood is chemically treated and manufactured in such a way that they provide complete protection from termites. Termites are unavoidable, and they may wreak havoc on your house’s furnishings. Thus, make sure that you choose Sainik 710 plywood to save your home from the attack of termites. This will save you from any expenses in the furniture as prevention is always better than cure.

   6. They require less upkeep as compared to other plywood

The furniture in your home must always be kept in good condition if you don’t want your interior to look shabby. The cost of ongoing furniture maintenance, however, might be costly. Therefore, it’s vital that you pick plywood for your furniture that requires less maintenance.

Sainik 710 plywood is water resistant and termite free. Thus you no longer need to worry about its maintenance. It is also sturdy and bend resistant; thus, your furniture is free from any kind of breaking and dents.

   7. It is one of the versatile options

Since it is made up of sturdy and resilient material, it is one of the flexible alternatives. It is also resistant to the damage caused by water. Thus, you can use it to design any corner of your home.

It is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Sainik 710 plywood can be used in high-traffic areas like kitchens. They offer a sustainable décor in addition to providing your kitchens with a fashionable appeal. Dents and scratches do not cause it to be easily ruined.

   8. It has a better warranty period

Many people tend to overlook this aspect, but it is necessary that your furniture plywood gets a warranty period. This will save you from any kind of future inconveniences. One of the greatest benefits of Sainik 710 plywood is that it has a warranty period of 8 years.


Choosing the right kind of plywood for your home is essential. This will make sure that your house looks fresh and well maintained for a longer period of time. Thus make sure that you choose the right kind of material for your decor. These are some of the benefits of Sainik 710 plywood over any regular plywood.

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