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Simple Yet Elegant Cupboard Designs For Bedrooms

A major part of your bedroom is unknowingly occupied by your cupboards. They look fine only when they are decorated well to suit the size and structure of your bedroom. Otherwise, they could end up looking disastrous and taking up a huge space in your bedrooms.

Therefore, we bring you a few simple yet elegant cupboard designs to opt from. Each design has its own unique characteristics and must be selected depending on the size and structure of the room and your other preferences.

  • No more mirrors on the walls

Well, Maleficent’s monologue has come a long way indeed, but it is time to get over your classic wall mirrors and rather install them on your cupboards. Play around with their positions from the centre to the sides and opt for something slant or horizontal altogether.

Mirrors can act as good decorative pieces. You can even opt for mirrored doors and replace them with your traditional wooden ones. They can be styled with some black laminates. Explore the Matt range of Lucida laminates by CenturyLaminates to find a perfect match.

Mirror panels on glossy laminates will add extra elegance and class to your wardrobe. They will also act as a dressing table mirror and can eliminate the need to install other expensive mirror panels in your room.

  • Doors to slide and to store

Doors can be used for multiple functions. While your boring swing doors can take up a huge space, you can opt for slides. Slides provide more storage space and are convenient to use.

Slides are in vogue, and if they are contrasted with the perfect kind of laminate, they will add much more fun and vibrancy to your rooms. You can pick some decorative, colourful laminates for your kid’s room and choose between some elegant colours like white, pink and red for the master bedroom.

Swing doors can also be used to store and hang a few scarfs, ties and hats on the inside.

  • Black or White

You can either opt for complete black or a completely white interior. Cupboards will play a major role. The colour of the laminates can be picked to suit the vibes in your room.

Black Wardrobes are classy while white is more elegant. You might have to be very careful with some light colours. Brighter ones can bring in more life and vibrancy.

Laminates for the Bedroom must be wisely picked. Take your time and choose a colour that defines your personality.

  • Built-in units

Wardrobes are no fun if they only store your clothes and other essentials. You can rather experiment with them and build some more units to fill the gaps in between.

Various modern cupboard designs are meant to make perfect use of all the space available. Thus, you can now opt between some built-in study desks or even beds that are aligned with your wardrobes to save you some space. Small dressing units or bookshelves can be installed in your wardrobe.

Nowadays, many people opt to install a small altar/pooja unit in the wardrobe itself. This way, you do not have to invest in a special room or an altar for your place of worship.

Installing units is indeed a smart way of saving some space, and you, too, must opt for the same.

  • Drawer up

Drawers do not only help you organize your essentials but can also act as a perfect styling element. Drawers can be installed inside the wardrobe or on the outside.

Drawer handles can hype the game. You can even opt to choose a different coloured laminate for the drawers. Small cubicles and multicoloured drawers can add some vibrancy and colour to your rooms. It is a perfect option to try out in your kid’s room as well.

  • For the sake of some space

Well, as mentioned earlier, cupboards these days are meant to provide some extra space in your room. To cut some slack on your bedroom space, units can be installed in the wardrobe itself, but what about the space you need in the cupboard itself?

You can explore various shelf options, for that matter. Long, continuous shelves without any compartments can provide space in the cupboard. A split cupboard design is also an option to try out. You can even build a cupboard in the space carved out of a wall in order to save up some space.

  • Keep it minimal

Minimality is the key to elegance. Keep your colour game minimal. Do not overdo your bedrooms with furniture. Also, do not segregate your cupboard space into small compartments. Try to keep it as simple and spacious as possible. Try to use colours that complement your bedroom walls and floors. Light colours can bring in class and elegance. The laminate textures, too, must be selected wisely.


Cupboards are surely not a newer concept. They have been a major part of the interiors since old age. The right size and colour of your cupboards can bring in more elegance and organization to your rooms.

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