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Smart and Secure: Features of Digital Lockers

Lockers have merged as a necessity in today’s world, particularly those with smart, digitalised, and innovative features. These are designed to secure your valuables that are mostly irreplaceable or hard to get duplicated. Lockers help you keep your belongings safe by having various features and abilities.

With the advancement in technology, almost every locker is equipped with unique capabilities that will keep your belongings safe from intruders and burglars and protect them from fire.

Let’s explore some of the main features of these lockers, making them need an hour in today’s risk-prone time.

Features of Digital Lockers Keeping Your Belongings Secure and Safe

Every locker has different sets of features, and the features you get depend on the locker you purchase. However, some of the great features of a locker that will protect your valuables include the following:

●     Digital Keypad for PIN Code

Every locker lets you set your PIN to protect your belongings from unauthorised access. A digital keypad in certain lockers comes with an LCD. The display helps with great illumination and easy access. In such a display, you can set your PIN code to anywhere between 3-6 digits with both master and user access. And who can use the locker using your code apart from you?

●     Emergency Key

Whenever you have a password or code for anything, you might forget it. In that case, you have an emergency key to assist you in opening and using the locker. Unlike ordinary keys, emergency keys are difficult to duplicate, thus, making it the perfect pairing of the locker to protect your valuables.

●     Low Battery Indicators and External Battery Backup

Lockers often work on batteries, and it can be challenging to comprehend when the battery becomes low. For this purpose, you will find an audio-visual alarm to inform you about low battery. Moreover, if the safe’s internal battery is drained, you get an external battery backup for the power supply. Such a backup is necessary, especially if you travel outside and the locker is out of power.

●     Auto-Freeze Mode

Auto-freeze mode is a feature that works when someone puts in your code incorrectly consecutively three times. Even if you get the code wrong once, you are less likely to get it wrong thrice if you set it yourself. Hence, your locker will give out a 60-second alarm if anyone tries to misuse your safe.

●     Strong Construction

One of the important things in a locker that will protect your belongings is its construction. The construction will keep your belongings safe from any external element. Hence, it should have a robust and durable body with SS shooting bolts. It will ensure that any external impact does not damage your safety.

●     Warranty

Every locker comes with a long warranty. These warranties give you an idea of how long they can last and be effective. If you take proper care of your locker, there is always a good chance it can last you even longer. Generally, when you get a good locker, you get a 24-month warranty. The warranty assures you of the longevity and durability of the locker.

You may get the features mentioned above with a locker or a hotel safe. But there can always be another unique feature added to the list, depending on the kind of locker you are purchasing. Moreover, where you keep your locker and how you treat it will also make a difference in how long it lasts and its longevity.


When purchasing a locker, you must review the features you might be getting at different price points. A good safety locker is necessary when storing some of your most prized possessions. And you cannot compromise the protection of your valuables. Hence, investing in a locker has become the need of the hour.

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