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Steps to Write a Successful Fiction Book: A Complete Guide


If you wish you pursue a writing career, write fiction books. They are the most read book genres. Also, they have the top spot in many readers’ lists. And the reason is fiction books involve creativity. And the plot in the storyline can compel the audience to keep reading. So once you start a good fiction book, you cannot help yourself from reading more. 

A fiction book is a read in which a writer uses his imagination to create a story. The characters, plot, and theme of a fiction book come from a writer’s imagination. Hence, a fiction book is the creative work of a writer.

So if you are about to write your first fiction book and don’t know how to start, you have come to the right place. This article highlights tips for writing a successful fiction book. You can also seek help from professional book writing services. 

Tips for Writing a Successful Fiction Book

Writing a good fiction book can be a challenging thing. But with the right approach, it is a doable task. 

So follow these tips on how to write a fiction book that is worth reading.

  • Start Reading Fiction Books

Start your writing journey with reading. But how will it help you with your fiction writing? Well, first, reading improves writing skills. And second, reading fiction books will polish your creative writing skills. It can also give you ideas on character development. In other words, reading fiction books by great writers can inspire you a lot. 

So read top-rated fiction books before you start writing your book. You can read J. K. Rowling, George RR Martin, Sidney Sheldon, and other top writers’ books. 

However, remember, you have to read for inspiration, not copy their style.

  • Decide on Your Book Genre

When you read different fiction books, you will know they have various types. There is a mystery thriller, sci-fi, and romance fiction. Similarly, there is horror and historical fiction. 

And every fiction genre requires a different writing style. Some writers are famous for their work in romance fiction, like Jane Austen and Colleen Hoover. And some writers are famous for writing thriller fiction, like Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon. 

So it means nobody can be the best at writing all fiction genres. Therefore, you need to decide on a specific fiction genre. It will guide you to write according to your skill set. 

  • Think of a Great Storyline

Thus now, we assume you have decided on your fiction genre. So your next step is to come up with a storyline. And this element will tell whether your book becomes a successful one or not. 

So make sure you have an engaging storyline for your fiction book. Take your time and gather ideas. And ask people for feedback. 

Remember, a good storyline for a fiction book comes from a writer’s imagination. So read more fiction books, watch good movies, and read other material. They can help you list down some ideas for your book’s storyline.

  • Develop Memorable Characters

In addition to the storyline, the characters are an essential element of a fiction book. So the next step is to develop your fictional characters.

Do you know why people still remember fiction books like Harry Potter, the Da Vinci Code, Game of Thrones series? Well, all these books have one thing in common: memorable characters. Many people might not have read these books, but they are familiar with the book characters. So this tells how much importance characters have.

Thus, develop memorable characters to make your fiction book a successful one. But how to do that?

Follow these tips to make your fictional characters memorable.

  • Give a Good Description of the Characters

Readers tend to remember characters for a long time when they know a lot about them. So give a detailed description of the characters. How they look, how they react, their personality, and many more. However, avoid doing this at once. Describe them along the book story.

  • Write Backstories of Characters

Also, give brief backstories of the characters. Writing backstories help your audience form a connection with the characters. Moreover, it can compel your readers to read with more interest. 

  • Create Goals for Your Characters

 Who doesn’t know Daenerys Targaryen from George RR Martin’s novels? She is one of the famous fictional characters. And her desire to sit on the throne made her a memorable character. So give your characters specific goals to achieve. Show their struggling journey. 


  • Use Flashbacks in Your Writing

So another tip is to use flashbacks. It will make your writing more engaging. Similarly, it will help your readers understand the plot. And it can compel readers to guess the next twist in the book. 

Flashback is a writing technique in which a writer moves from present to past. It helps a writer in developing the story. 

Hence, you can use this writing technique for a successful fiction book.

  • Conclude Chapters in Suspense

Have you read a book that ends the chapters in suspense? Well, if you have read it, then we know you have gone to read the next few chapters as well. One cannot resist reading such a book. 

So you can also use this trick. End the chapters in suspense. And compel your readers to read more chapters.

  • End Your Book on Happy Notes

When an audience reads a fiction book, they expect a happy ending. Or at least a good ending. So no matter how well you write your book, ensure it does not have a disappointing ending.

 And if you are writing a book series, end it in suspense. So this way, the audience will wait for the next volume.

Final Notes

Writing a fiction book can be a challenging task. It requires creativity, reading, imagination, and a lot of energy. But it is still a doable thing with the right approach. 

So follow these tips for writing a successful fiction book. We hope this article can help you with your writing. Best luck with your fiction book.

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