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The Best of Kashmir



Kashmir lies in the northernmost region of India with an area of 86,000 square miles. Kashmir is universally acknowledged as “heaven on earth”. Since the year 1947, India and Pakistan have been fighting over heaven on earth. Kashmir is known as heaven on earth because of its epitome beauty. Kashmir is covered with majestic and tall chinar trees which turn into red and yellow-brownish color on the arrival of autumn, crystal clear lakes reflect golden color during sunrise and sunset and rivers originated from melting of ice and snow-capped mountains and when all of this comes together it proves the acknowledgment of the title given. 


In different parts of the world, Kashmir is named differently stating the meaning of Kashmir as beauty or beautiful. For example, Greeks call it Kaspeiria, the Chinese call it Kia-shi-mi-lo, and Tibetans call it Khachal all meaning the same. 


The temperature of Kashmir and the best time to visit:

Kashmir is a place that can be visited any time of the year as the place shows different colors any time you visit but the best time considered to visit here is March to June because it is neither too hot nor too cold and is the ideal time for sightseeing. During the day, the temperature ranges from 15-degree celsius to 30-degree celsius. During this time of the year, the mornings are ideal for long walks and just wandering around.


The temperature according to seasons:

Summer 15-degree celsius
Monsoon 13-degree celsius
Winter -2 degree celsius


To clarify if you have any questions about why Kashmir is the best, then here is the answer to that.


1. Spectacular Landscapes – 

Kashmir offers the perfect picturesque landscapes. One can get tired of clicking pictures but can never get tired of witnessing the breathtaking views. Starting from Pir Panjal ranges to lush green valleys, meadows, and curvy rivers, Kashmir is the epitome of beauty with well-preserved nature. 


2. Tulip Garden – 

One of the best places to visit in Kashmir. If you are visiting in spring, then never miss going here. The tulip flowers bloom to the fullest in spring and fill the valley with bright colors. It is the only tulip garden in India and should not be missed visiting.


3. Crystal clear lakes – 

Imagine yourself on a boat in a lake that is reflecting the sunlight perfectly, traveling towards the snow-capped mountains and feeling the cool breeze as the boat moves slowly. All of this clearly proves the universal title “heaven on earth”.


4. Welcoming Locals – 

Whenever you visit Kashmir, you are always welcomed by warm and friendly locals. It is always profitable interacting with them as they help you provide discounts, inform you about the best and local markets and many more things.


5. Scrumptious cuisine – 

Kashmir offers delicacies and yummy food. Start your peaceful mornings with “Kahwah” (green tea of Kashmir), have delicious Yakhni and Dum Aloo, and continue your evening with a hot cup of chai while enjoying a beautiful view of the sunset. 


6. Autumn Season –

Whenever you visit Kashmir, it is always beautiful but if you get a chance to visit in autumn then never miss it. During autumn the leaves of majestic chinar trees turn yellow and red, giving Kashmir a whole new look. You will feel vibrant this time of the year, soft and cool breeze, and yellow-brown trees, the whole view will look vivid because of pure chroma hues giving the surroundings a colorful charm. 


7. Houseboats – 

Spending an entire day in a houseboat and that too in Kashmir is an experience of a lifetime. In case you don’t know then a houseboat is a boat with an entire house carved and decorated with hands moving on a lake. You can even spend nights here. All the facilities along with the kitchen and washroom are provided. There is not a single reason to not experience this.


8. Adventure – 

Kashmir is not all about views or mountains or landscapes or rivers or lakes but it is about adventure too. Yes, Kashmir offers many adventurous sports like skiing, on sky-high and snow-capped mountains, wandering in lush green forests filled with tall trees, trekking, camping, and many more. Experience the unspoiled nature and calm your mind and soul. 

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