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The Lessons We Can All Take From Lord Hanuman

We Can All Take Advice From Lord Hanuman On April 11 we celebrate Hanuman Jayanti, the day of worship for the Hindu god Hanuman, of whom we have all likely heard tales. Lord Hanuman’s birthday is celebrated with this event. For devout Hindus, one of the most significant annual events is Hanuman Jayanti, which is observed on the 15th day of the Shukla Paksha in the Hindi month of Chaitra.

The Ramayana is the sacred text that revealed Lord Hanuman’s significance and value. Lord Hanuman’s prominence and significance in the Hindu Epic Ramayana made him yet another idol for the believers, despite his frequent mention in other Hindu Scriptures.

Lord Hanuman’s bravery and dedication helped Hindu God Lord Rama win the war against Ravan in the epic Ramayana, which took place after Ravan kidnapped Goddess Sita from the woods. Some believe that Lord Hanuman is a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, and while his stories from the Ramayana are certainly impressive, there are other aspects of Lord Hanuman’s character from which we can all benefit. 

There are five in all, so let’s examine each one quickly.

  • Lord Hanuman was the hero Lord Rama required at that period of conflict because of his perseverance and devotion in his search for Goddess Sita and in calming the miserable state of his “Prabhu,” Lord Rama. He faced several obstacles on his journey to Lanka, the city of Ravan where Sita was being held as a hostage, and was finally reunited with her. In the end, however, Lord Hanuman returned to Lord Rama after setting Lanka ablaze with his tail when Lady Sita refused to be saved since, she said, Lord Rama’s reputation was at stake. This teaches us that when we want something with all our hearts, the entire cosmos becomes involved. 
  • Several lives and reputations were preserved thanks to Lord Hanuman’s pragmatic strategies and tactics during battle. To help his Prabhu, he changed forms, lit Lanka on fire with his tail, and moved mountains with his hands. His ability to zero down on a problem and find a workable solution is an example we might all learn from. 
  • King Rama’s brother Lakshman was mortally wounded during a battle with Ravan’s son Indrajit, and Lord Hanuman was entrusted with the task of retrieving the Sanjeevani Booti from the Himalayas before sunrise in order to save his life. Lord Hanuman made the decision to increase his size by a factor of ten in order to prevent the sunrise. Because of his knowledge of the plant, he was able to rescue Lakshman by transporting the entire mountain. Well, we should all take a page from the book of Lord Hanuman and learn that strength, whether physical or mental, will help us achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves, no matter how large or small. There is jahku temple shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Where Lord hanuman stay while bringing sanjeevani booti. 
  • A good sense of humor is essential for getting through the tough circumstances we all face. Lord Hanuman’s humor brought comfort to humanity even in the darkest of circumstances. Remember when he was threatened with having his tail set on fire and then proceeded to use it to torch Lanka? We won’t advise setting anything on fire, but we may learn from this that, no matter how dire the circumstances, a good sense of humor can go a long way toward alleviating the gloom.
  • One may say that Lord Hanuman exemplified selflessness, loyalty, and humility. His undying commitment to Lord Ramaya and his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and Goddess Sita are legendary. Lord Hanuman was a powerful demigod who was always depicted with his hands folded in humility, despite his many superhuman skills and impressive physique. The best person to strike a balance between your strengths and weaknesses is you, so do it.

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