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Top Features You Must Look for in the Best E-Bike in India

Electric bikes are getting increasingly popular with each passing day. The primary reason behind this is their numerous benefits, such as sturdy structure, convenient pedalling, eco-friendly transportation, etc. Although they look similar to conventional cycles, their functions and specifications differ.

These bikes come in a variety of styles and configurations, which makes their selection a tricky task. If you are planning to own an e-cycle this year, here are the features you need to look for.


Motor Efficiency

The motor is one of the main features that distinguish a regular bicycle from an electric one. This component provides the necessary power to cover difficult routes conveniently. Therefore, it is necessary to select a cycle with a powerful motor. Generally, a power range between 250-350 watts is considered ideal. In addition, you must also ensure that the motor provides a smooth and noise-free ride.


Type of Motor

Electric cycles are designed with two types of motors, namely, a hub motor and a mid-drive motor. Both these types have different benefits, such as:

  • Hub motor: It is positioned in the central part of one of the wheels. Cycles with this type of motor are highly affordable. However, they are suitable for riding on flat tracks for a long duration.


  • Mid-drive motor: This motor is present in between the pedals at the middle section of the cycle. The centre position of the motor helps generate more torque and maintain appropriate balance throughout the ride. Although e-bikes with a mid-drive motor require higher investment, it enables cyclists to cover hilly tracks with ease.


Bicycle Weight

E-cycles are relatively heavier than traditional cycles. This happens because they have inbuilt batteries and motors, which typically weigh around 10 to 25 kg. Having a heavier structure for a high-power e-cycle is considered practical because it improves stability and balance during the ride.


Smartphone Integration

E-bikes with the feature to integrate smartphones to increase the efficiency of the ride. By connecting the smartphone through wireless mode, you can unlock features like GPS, health tracker, etc. Moreover, if you want to look at the map to reach a certain location, the LCD of the cycle will clearly display the track you need to follow. In addition to this you can send and receive calls wirelessly during the ride.


Security System

Because an E-bike requires a huge investment, the chances of their stealing increase tremendously. However, to avoid such uncertain situations, you must choose a model with an inbuilt security system. Most renowned manufacturers provide a rear back locking system, battery locking that you can match to a bike lock using a key, and a smartphone-integrated lock system.

On a general note, these bicycles have five types of locks to ensure safety from theft. These include the following:

  • U-lock: It consists of a steel strap that is inserted into closely connected parts of the cycle to provide security.
  • Frame lock: To secure the rear wheel in place, a curved bracket is used. This lock stops the wheel from turning.
  • Chain lock: These are highly affordable locking systems. A metallic chain is used to secure the wheel in place.
  • Folding lock: It consists of multiple metallic panels interconnected through a fixed link. To secure the bicycle, you can place this lock into the wheels and the structure or secure the structure to a clamp.
  • Cable lock: This type of lock contains steel cable inserted in a plastic encasing. The diameter of the cable is small. Therefore, it does not offer efficient protection.


Battery Range

The battery range means the longest duration for which you can ride the cycle with a single charge. All the e-cycles have a battery range in their specification. However, the range depends on multiple factors. Therefore, it becomes challenging to do an appropriate evaluation.

The battery’s efficiency is calculated in watt-hour, meaning the number of hours it can produce one-watt electricity. On the other hand, a motor’s efficiency is specified in watts, which means the energy it needs to run smoothly. Thus, the e-bikes with the highest battery range generally have less powerful motors or vice-versa.


Speed Control

Another important feature of the best electric cycle in India is the speed control system. This means that the mechanism of these cycles helps you to ride up to a certain speed. This means that as you start riding by paddling hard, the motor boosts your speed. However, the motor stops propelling when you reach a certain limit. This way, e-bikes provide a safe riding experience to people.



Shifting to electric bikes can be a step towards cleaner and healthier transportation. Moreover, these bikes consume limited space on the track, resulting in less traffic load. However, to choose the best e-bike in India, you must look at the significant features offered by the manufacturers and select the best option according to your needs.

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