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Top Tips For A Clutter-Free Car – Eliminate Junk In The Trunk

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Ultimate peace of mind while driving stems from a clutter-free car interior. You need to be organised on the road if you are looking for a pleasant driving experience. Throwing trash on the floor may not warrant much of an afterthought, but when it starts to accumulate all around your cabin, you will be looking for an alternative. Perhaps a car dustbin would be a nice addition to your centre console for stowing away candy wrappers and used napkins. However, there are several ways to keep your car organised with smart storage solutions.

It makes sense to store your luggage and other items in their designated areas. We often use the rear seat as boot space for gym clothes and grocery bags. Loads of space can be freed up if we take the time and effort to organise our car interiors. You can drive comfortably when you have your items streamlined and in order with a car organiser. Some accessories that keep your car interior clutter-free include trunk organisers, document holders, seat pockets and centre console storage compartments.

Tips to organise your car interior

This article provides some tips on how to keep your car tidy and free from clutter. Unwanted items such as discarded bill receipts and empty cola cans can be cleared away in a compact car dustbin. Create a manageable routine to get rid of things you no longer need in your car. It may seem to be a difficult task at first, however, you will find it easy if you follow a cleaning schedule at regular intervals.

Use a car vacuum cleaner 

Portable vacuum cleaners are handy devices to keep your interior free from fine dust particles, sand and debris. Run the vacuum cleaner over the corners of the seat upholstery because dust can accumulate in these areas. A soft brush can be used on fabric and floor mats to exfoliate dirt that’s trapped in the material. Apply a solution of soap and water for hard stains that are embedded in seats. Microfibre cloths can be used to dry them off or just park your car in the sun for some time. Air out the cabin occasionally to prevent moisture and fungus from settling in the interiors. Running the Ac all the time can cause stale air to circulate within the car. Once the cabin is clean it will be easier to organise items in there. An untidy interior usually results from neglecting basic cleanliness.

Clear out your glove box

The glove compartment is used to store important documents for instance car registration, insurance papers and pollution certificates. Unfortunately, we use the glove box to store everything from USB cables to our sunglasses. These items are often forgotten about and you end up searching all over the car interior when you need them the most. Organise your interior with safety items such as first aid kits that fit neatly in these compact areas. Once unwanted items are removed from your personal space, invest in a convenient container to neatly store things you may need in your car. The space in a glove compartment is limited, so use it wisely.

Keep your cabin spic and span

Reduce the clutter in your car by keeping only items that you will use on a regular basis. This frees up valuable space that gives you a sense of relaxation knowing your interior is clean and organised. Essentials like water bottles and tissue boxes should be within arm’s reach while driving. You shouldn’t have to take your eyes off the road while searching for things in your cabin. Loose items in your cabin can be a safety risk as they may get thrown around when you apply brakes suddenly. A clean cabin will not distract you on the road. If you have smartphone chargers below the dashboard, remember to unplug USB cables when not in use so that they don’t cause an inconvenience to passengers.

Add car interior storage solutions

Equip your car interior with organisers such as seat headrest hooks and door storage for a comfortable drive. These fine storage solutions will help reduce stress no matter what you encounter on the highway. Plus, your interiors remain beautiful and inviting to passengers. A boot organiser makes use of high-quality polyester separators to place various items that will not move around while driving. A document holder has neat pockets to hold important papers and can be safely placed in the glove box or centre console.


Get organised and get rid of junk in your trunk. It will preserve the pristine look of your cabin, reduce stress, increase safety and keep your interiors clean. Trash diminishes the appeal of a car; passengers may be unwilling to ride with you. After all, our cars are an extension of our personalities and no one likes a cluttered nature.

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